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Friday, April 21, 2017

CounterCurrents: Trump Is Tragically Off Course

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Trump, The DOJ And Julian Assange
by Dr Binoy Kampmark 

On Thursday, CNN reported that the investigation against Assange, having gone a touch cold during the latter part of the Obama administration since being started in 2010, had been reignited

The US Aggression on Syria And The Principles of a “Just War”
by Prof Dr Vladislav B Sotirovic 

The US military forces committed a classical example of the aggression on one sovereign and independent state on April 6th, 2017 by bombing a territory of Syrian Arab Republic by 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles killing civilians who are proclaimed as usually as “collateral damage”. A formal excuse for the aggression was based as many times before (from Vietnam, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya… cases) on traditional political false flags and mainstream media fake news used by the US propaganda machinery to sanction the Pentagon’s hegemonic policy of the Pax Americana.

Trump Is Tragically Off Course
by Dave Lannen 

Let’s celebrate our Veterans at Memorial Day by calling our troops home, rather than more chest-thumping at Mar-a-Lago. The peace dividend will bolster our economy, create jobs, and de-escalate military tensions across the globe.

Latest Lancet Data Imply Adani Australian Coal Project Will  Kill 1.4 Million Indians
by Dr Gideon Polya 

A multi-author 2017 paper in the prestigious UK medical journal The Lancet estimates 1.1 million Indian deaths annually from ambient (outdoor) air pollution, notably from fine carbon particulates (PM2.5). Assuming coal burning causes 50% of ambient air pollution in India, pollutants from the burning of coal exported to India from the giant, Australia-approved Adani coal mine will eventually kill 1.4 million Indians. Racist White Australia  has a 2-century history of complicity in mass murder of Indians that is ongoing.

The Football Analogy for Activists
by Valleria Ruselli 

The entire field. Not just the part that activists are playing on. Meaning, that there’s some very real pressure — as we all know — to at least consider some kind of equivalent to Staubach’s 1975 Hail Mary play. No matter what necessary reform activity we might embrace as concerned citizens simultaneously.

International Collaboration to End Violence
by Robert J Burrowes 

While much of the world is engulfed in violence of one sort or another (whether violence in the home or on the street, exploitation, ecological destruction or war), a global network of individuals and organizations is committed to ending this violence in all of its manifestations.

An Expedition to Explore Life on Undersea Mountains
by Marianne de Nazareth 

It is amazing to know that their are mountains under the sea as well and that marine scientists today with the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature ) are undertaking their third expedition to explore these seamounts. This scientific expedition is to explore life on undersea mountains – or seamounts – in the high seas south of Madagascar

Rahul Pandita’s New India: A Hindutva India On The Ashes Of Democratic Secular India
by Shamsul Islam 

It is in response to Rahul Pandita’s piece ‘Gorakhpur and the Ghost of Gangadhar Adhikari: Whether liberals like it or not, the story of Hindu consolidation is not over yet’ appeared in Open Magazine on March 24, 2017. My response is a lengthy one, as reproduction of many original documents from the RSS/Hindutva archives is needed to evaluate many beliefs of Rahul Pandita. This detailed response can be handy resource material to challenge the justification of Hindutva rule in India by the Hindutva zealots and characters who as fence-sitters were just waiting India to be stormed by the Hindutva gang to join the latter.

Political Economy of Cow-Mentality in India
by Parvez Alam

Criminals are rewarded for their criminality and hence aspirants are heading towards becoming like them. The best profession in our times is politics. The best method in our time to become a politician is to become gaurakshak (cow protectionist). It is guaranteed that, you will be rewarded with greater posts in your political career. I am aghast and appalled by the fact that the ghettoisation is becoming new normal, ghettoisation of not only minorities/communities but also ideas. This is higher version of governmentality. This is gaumentality (cow-mentality).

Caste, Gender And Other Such Issues Should Be Dealt With As Class Struggle: Anand Teltumbde
by Vidya Bhushan Rawat  

An indepth interview with Anand Teltumbde

Iqra Is Recovering
by Mir Suhail 

Student of Nawa Kadal College Srinagar, Iqra, who was injured during the student protests on Monday is stable and recovering in hospital.

Why Are You In Deep Slumber Mr. Secretary General?
by Abdul Majid Zargar 

The worst crimes against humanity committed by India in Kashmir are going unchallenged. The absence of    any censure or reprimand by the international community particularly UN, is taken  as a  license or tacit  permission by India to continue with its dastardly & grotesque  action  of annihilating the natives of the place, physically, socially & economically. And while as the state pogrom is on,    UN is  in deep slumber

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