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Friday, May 19, 2017

American Values!

Remember this?

Dear Mr. Sanders:
I'm disabled in a profound way, but I've lived my life very, very much the way you lived yours. I'm progressive. I never listened to the doctors who repeatedly told me "you can't." I never listened to the people who tormented the hell out of me because I'm blind and deaf. I got my degrees (yes MULTIPLE) I have traveled the world, I've worked HARD all my life and I am and was always VERY conscientious and responsible financially. Health care costs have crippled me where my disability did not. Wages have crippled me where my disability did not. Discrimination in the U.S. has crippled me where my disabilities have not.
Two times now Mr. Sanders, I've gone without food in order to donate to your campaign because you do the things that I do. You surmount the impossible. How many would think that a deaf person can speak more than one language? How many would think that a blind person could live in many countries, get college degrees?
if the DNC should block out the voices of the millions, please honor the millions anyway. Please honor all of their donations and run for president ANYWAY. We have all made a commitment and endured hardships to see this through. And if the DNC can't see that, they are more crippled and useless than any of us who work and fight for our very voices to be heard.
If the DNC does not return to the people who gave it birth, then please Mr. Sanders, let us give birth to a new election process and declare Independent. Let that declaration be upon the steps of the very birth of our nation in Philadelphia at Independence Hall. Stand there where Washington, Jefferson and Madison stood. Tell us that you will be our president. Because we need you. Let Independence Hall be the birth of the new revolution through the Independent Party.
My fight is for my very existence. Your fight is for OUR existence. Let our existence and our donations have meaning and we will bring it to Washington D.C. Mr. Sanders. We will battle the new revolution and wrest this nation from the hands of the corrupt and the greed of what our gov't has become.
Just please, let the fact that I went without food have meaning. I'm tired, Mr. Sanders,of juggling food needs with medical needs and rent with electricity. Let this nation become what it should be and once was. Let it be YOU, President Sanders, who brings this nation back to that for which we stand. Freedom, honor and strength.

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