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Monday, May 22, 2017

CLG: Resend due to server glitch: Assange says he will remain inside Ecuadorian embassy in London to avoid US extradition

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The CLG mail server has been down for over 48 hours. (See: CLG News listserv is down 21 May 2017.) Here is a resend of Sunday's CLG Newsletter, with our apologies. Also, no one was able to subscribe or unsubscribe - those functions are also up and running. I am scrambling to catch up - will have another newsletter in the bullpen soon! --LRP

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 News Updates from CLG
21 May 2017
Previous edition: Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich had contact with WikiLeaks prior to death
Julian Assange says he will remain inside Ecuadorian embassy in London in order to avoid extradition to the United States --Met Police: Assange still wanted in UK for jumping bail | 19 May 2017 | Julian Assange has said he will remain inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London in order to avoid extradition to the United States, despite being told he no longer faces a sex investigation by the Swedish authorities. The WikiLeaks founder hailed the decision to discontinue the seven-year case against him as an "important victory", but said the "proper war was just commencing", after the Metropolitan Police said he would still be arrested if he stepped outside. Assange, who has been holed up in the embassy since June 2012 is wanted by the British authorities after breaching bail conditions five years ago. Addressing a crowd from the embassy's balcony in central London, Assange accused the UK authorities of ignoring international laws on asylum, a position he described as "untenable". 
Swedish prosecutors drop Julian Assange rape investigation --Sweden’s director of public prosecution says she has decided to discontinue the investigation into WikiLeaks founder | 19 May 2017 | Swedish prosecutors have dropped their preliminary investigation into an allegation of rape against the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, bringing an end to a seven-year legal standoff. The decision was taken after prosecutors concluded that "at this point, all possibilities to conduct the investigation are exhausted", Sweden’s director of public prosecutions, Marianne Ny, said on Friday. The WikiLeaks founder sought asylum in Ecuador’s embassy in London in 2012 after losing court battles to avoid extradition to Sweden over the claims, which he denies.
Trump signs $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia | 20 May 2017 | President Trump signed a multi-billion-dollar arms and economic deal with Saudi Arabia Saturday in a move intended to strengthen the U.S.-Saudi Arabian alliance [allegedly] against ISIS on the president's first foreign trip. The agreement is worth 110 billion effective immediately and 350 billion over 10 years, in an effort to equip Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf partners in the fight against ISIS. The agreement will provide fighter jets, tanks, combat ships and anti-missile defense systems and create defense-sector jobs in the U.S., according to the White House. The deal includes additional private-sector agreements and a joint vision statement with Saudi Arabia, one of the world's largest oil producers.
Syrian Negotiator Calls U.S. Strike 'Terrorism' and a 'Massacre' | 19 may 2017 | A U.S. military strike in Syria on Thursday was "government terrorism" and caused a massacre, Syrian government negotiator Bashar al-Ja'afari said on Friday. He said he had raised the issue in talks with U.N. mediator Staffan de Mistura. "We discussed the massacre that the U.S. aggressor committed yesterday in our country. This subject was widely discussed," Ja'afari told reporters.
Syria's White Helmets suspend members caught on camera during rebel execution | 19 May 2017 | Syria's White Helmets [aka John McCain-backed al-Qaeda terrorists] have suspended several members of their rescue team after stomach-churning footage emerged showing rebel militants [other McCain-backed al-Qaeda terrorists] conducting a summary execution of a man in the town of Jasim, with the White Helmets helping get rid of the body. Graphic images released on Wednesday show blood pouring out of the execution victim’s head. After the man is shot dead on camera - in front of a large crowd in the town of Jasim in Daraa, southern Syria - volunteers from the White Helmets move in to dispose of the body, AMN reported...Hailed as peace-bearing heroes [LOL!] by the mainstream media, the White Helmets have long been plagued by allegations of having ties with terrorist groups. Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said late last month that the White Helmets support terrorists and cover up their crimes.
NATO is making up Russian threat to justify its own existence - former French intel chief | 16 May 2017 | NATO became obsolete after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the bloc is purposefully representing Russia as a security threat to justify its own existence, Yves Bonnet, former head of French counter-intelligence, told RT...The claims of Moscow's aggressive behavior coming from the US-led military bloc's officials are "exaggerated," the former head of Directorate of Territorial Surveillance, or DST as its French abbreviation goes, which was dissolved in 2008, added. "I believe that NATO intentionally fuels the perception of Russia as a threat…Like any organization, the North Atlantic Alliance wants to continue existing and the only reason for prolonging its existence is you…the Russians," he said. Picturing Russia as in international menace "doesn't work anymore. I can assure you that the French people, fortunately, no longer believe it," Bonnet added.
Ex-FBI head Mueller appointed special counsel to investigate alleged Russian meddling in US election | 17 May 2017 | Former FBI Director [and DOJ prosecutor] Robert Mueller has been appointed special counsel by the US Department of Justice to lead the investigation into purported Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein made the announcement Wednesday afternoon. As Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself after coming under fire for not disclosing to the US Senate a meeting he had with Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak as well as due to his connection to the Trump campaign, Rosenstein was in the position to grant what Democrats have long demanded, that an independent special counsel take the lead in the criminal investigation.
Trump Says Deep State Neocon Joe Lieberman is His Top Choice for FBI Director | 18 May 2017 | Former U.S. Sen. [dirt-bag] Joe LIEberman has emerged as President Donald Trump's leading choice to be the next FBI director. Trump confirmed Thursday that Lieberman was his top candidate to succeed James Comey, the controversial, high-profile director who was fired last week the president. "We're very close to an FBI director," Trump told reporters as he posed for photos with President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia in the Oval Office, saying his choice would be announced soon.
Italy Investigates Milan Station Attacker for Alleged Terrorism - Source | 19 May 2017 | Italian prosecutors are investigating a man who stabbed a policeman and two army officers at Milan's main train station for alleged international terrorism, an investigative source said on Friday. Police said Ismail Hosni, 20, attacked the three men on Thursday night after they asked to see his identity papers. None of the three suffered life-threatening injuries. Video released by police showed the injured officers taking hold of Hosni and pushing him to the ground before other patrol staff intervened. 
Hawaii flight lands safely with military escort after reported cockpit breach | 19 May 2017 | The U.S. military on Friday scrambled two Air Force fighter jets to escort an American Airlines flight into Honolulu International Airport after a disturbance was reported on board, a Pacific Command spokesman said. Neither the military nor American Airlines immediately disclosed the nature of the disturbance, but local news media reported that a passenger had tried to force his way into the cockpit of the Honolulu-bound flight from Los Angeles...Citing unnamed sources, the news outlet also reported that the male passenger was Turkish and had earlier breached security at Los Angeles International Airport but "was assessed and allowed to board" the flight anyway.
Passenger detained after allegedly trying to break into cockpit of American Airlines flight | 19 May 2017 | Authorities took an American Airlines passenger into custody after a disturbance on a Honolulu-bound flight Friday morning, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed. Flight 31 from Los Angeles landed safely in Honolulu at 11:35 a.m. local time and was met by law enforcement. Citing multiple sources, Hawaii's KHNL-TV reports that the man tried to "break through the cockpit door" before being subdued by the flight crew and an off-duty police officer.
Intruder is arrested by Secret Service trying to jump White House fence | 16 May 2017 | An intruder was arrested at the White House on Tuesday after trying to climb over the North Fence. The suspect was arrested by armed Secret Service agents who were seen patrolling the area afterwards. The person was caught after jumping over the bicycle rack beside the North Fence Line. Despite a large Secret Service presence, NBC reports that White House staffers continued entering and exiting the building.
US veteran charged over deadly Times Square crash | 19 May 2017 | A US Navy veteran who plowed a car into pedestrians in New York's Times Square, killing a woman and injuring 22 other people, has been charged with murder and attempted murder, police said Friday. Thursday's incident sparked fear in the US financial capital after deadly car-rammings in London, Berlin and the French city of Nice, but authorities said there was no evidence the crash was terror-related. Richard Rojas, 26, from the Bronx, was arrested at the scene and later charged with murder in the second degree, 20 counts of attempted murder and five counts of aggravated vehicular homicide, police said.
Before Driver's Times Square Crash, a Descent Into Paranoia and Harassment | 19 May 2017 | Richard Rojas did not speak much about his three years in a Navy uniform, but when he returned to the Bronx from a naval base in Jacksonville, Fla., in 2014, he was a different man. His mind was clouded with conspiracy [?] theories...After taking a few college courses, friend Hansel Guerrero said, Mr. Rojas enlisted in the Navy in July 2011. In 2012, he moved from a surface warfare officer schools unit in Great Lakes, Ill., to a naval air station in Jacksonville, and then served for six months aboard the U.S.S. Carney, a destroyer, Navy records indicate. When he received a promotion, he would proudly text Mr. Guerrero with the news.
Times Square car crash kills 1, injures 22; Navy veteran cuffed | 19 May 2017 | With voices in his head and drugs [allegedly] in his system, a deranged motorist drove his car onto a crowded Times Square sidewalk and mowed down 23 pedestrians -- including an 18-year-old Michigan woman who died in front of her little sister. Richard Rojas's maroon [auto] carved a three-block path of destruction along Seventh Ave. just before noon on Thursday. Stunning video shows the car knocking down pedestrians like bowling pins, with bodies tossed through the air from the impact.
UnitedHealth fudged Medicare claims, overbilled by $1 billion, feds say | 17 May 2017 | The Justice Department has accused insurance giant UnitedHealth Group of overcharging the federal government by more than 1 billion through its Medicare Advantage plans. In a 79-page lawsuit filed late Tuesday in Los Angeles, the Justice Department alleged that the insurer made patients appear sicker than they actually were in order to collect higher Medicare payments than the company deserved. The government said it had "conservatively estimated" that the company "knowingly and improperly avoided repaying Medicare" for more than a billion dollars over the course of the alleged decade-long scheme.
Hospital refuses to share report on mysterious death | 20 May 2017 | A mysterious death at a Brooklyn hospital has sparked questions from the city Medical Examiner's Office, which has been forced to go to court to get answers from the stonewalling facility. Tonya Allen, 51, was suffering from metastatic lung cancer in March last year when she was admitted to New York Community Hospital for a host of problems...She was too weak to even stand, in the three days she stayed at NYCH. Yet her son found her "on the floor behind her hospital bed," according to court papers. She was declared dead soon after, the city claims in its Brooklyn Supreme Court filing. Allen's demise is "somewhat suspicious," the ME contends. The hospital has refused to turn over its incident report, prompting the ME to ask a judge to order NYCH to produce it.
Trump administration starts countdown to NAFTA talks in mid-August | 18 May 2017 | The Trump administration on Thursday set the clock ticking toward a mid-August start of renegotiations of the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico to try to win better terms for U.S. workers and manufacturers. With a letter to U.S. lawmakers, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said he triggered a 90-day consultation period with Congress, industries and the American public that would allow talks over one of the world's biggest trading blocs to begin by Aug. 16. Renegotiation of NAFTA was a key campaign promise of U.S. President Donald Trump, who frequently [and accurately] called the 23-year-old trade pact a "disaster" that has drained U.S. factories and well-paid manufacturing jobs to Mexico.
ER surgeon at Seth Rich's hospital says his gun wounds were not fatal | 18 May 2017 | Yesterday, on the Internet chat forum 4chan, an individual who goes by the alias of Anonymous (ID: rhotYJAg) claimed to be a surgery resident at Washington Hospital Center who had attended to Seth Rich -- the 27-year-old Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer who leaked thousands of damaging DNC emails to WikiLeaks. Rich was shot in the early morning hours (around 4 a.m.) on Sunday, July 10, in a residential area of Washington, D.C. Although police say Rich was the victim of a "random burglary," his killer(s) left behind Rich's [possessions]....He [Seth Rich] did not have any major vascular injuries otherwise. I've seen dozens of worse cases than this which survived and nothing about his injuries suggested to me that he'd sustained a fatal wound...No one here was allowed to see Seth except for my attending when he died. No code was called. I rounded on patients literally next door but was physically blocked from checking in on himI’ve never seen anything like it before, and while I can't say 100% that he was allowed to die, I don't understand why he was treated like that. Take it how you may, /pol/, I’m just one low level doc. Something’s fishy though, that’s for sure. 
Was the election rigged against Bernie Sanders? DNC lawsuit demands repayment for campaign donors| 15 May 2017 | A class action lawsuit alleging the Democratic National Committee worked in conjunction with Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign to keep Bernie Sanders out of the White House has been raging on in the courtrooms for months on end-and yet, most people have no idea of its existence, in large part thanks to the mainstream media's total lack of coverage. [Ditto the Seth Rich story.] Jared Beck, a Harvard Law graduate and one of the several attorneys who filed the suit against the DNC and its former chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz, wants retribution for donations made by supporters to the Vermont senator's campaign, citing six legal claims of the DNC's deceptive conduct, negligent misrepresentation and fraud. The DNC violated Article 5, Section 4 of its own charter by working with a single campaign to effectively choose who would win the Democratic ballot, the attorneys stated in the suit.
Anthony Weiner Pleads Guilty to Federal Obscenity Charge | 19 May 2017 | Anthony D. Weiner, the former Democratic congressman whose sexting scandals ended his political career and embroiled him in a tumultuous F.B.I. investigation of Hillary Clinton before the election, pleaded guilty to a felony on Friday, crying openly as he admitted to conduct that he knew was "as morally wrong as it was unlawful." The plea agreement ended a federal investigation into a series of sexually explicit pictures and messages that Mr. Weiner sent last year to a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina. Mr. Weiner, 52, will have to register as a sex offender where he works and lives, and he may face a prison term. He pleaded guilty to transferring obscene material to a minor, which carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.
Bob Beckel fired by Fox News for racist comment - report | 19 May 2017 | Fox News has severed its relationship with "The Five" co-host Bob Beckel over a racist remark he allegedly made about a black colleague, Variety reported Friday. "Bob Beckel was terminated today for making an insensitive remark to an African-American employee," the network told Variety in a statement. Sources told the website that Fox News' human-resources department was made aware of a complaint Tuesday evening and an internal investigation was conducted.
Roger Ailes, former Fox News chief, dies at 77 | 18 May 2017 | Roger Ailes, founder and former chief executive of Fox News, the cable news channel popular with conservatives that helped reshape the U.S. political landscape, has died at age 77. Ailes's widow, Elizabeth Ailes, announced his death in a statement posted on the Fox News website on Thursday. The cause of death was not immediately known.
Colin Kaepernick's jersey, gear donated to Smithsonian | 19 May 2017 | Colin Kaepernick's football career remains very much a question mark, but he’s already left an impression on American culture, as his jersey and other gear from his protests in 2016 are now in the hands of the Smithsonian. The Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture continuously collects items of historic significance from African Americans involved in all phases of American life, and the sociologist and author Harry Edwards encouraged the museum to take a close look at [former San Francisco 49ers quarterback] Kaepernick.
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