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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Congressman Jim McGovern [D-MA]: The worst part of Trump's Muslim ban

Of all the provisions in Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, the one blocking entry for Syrian refugees is by far the most heartless.
These are families that were forced out of their homes by war and persecution.We cannot drop bombs in Syria – and without congressional authorization – AND deny those forcibly uprooted from their homes by violence a chance to start anew in the United States.
Turning refugees away at the door is not just heartless, but also completely antithetical to our American values. We must do everything we can to welcome these refugees and give them a chance at living a life free of violence and destruction.
Together, we’re fighting back against Donald Trump’s hateful agenda.Make a donation right now to keep our movement strong!
Trump justifies his Muslim ban by painting immigrants and refugees as terrorist threats to the United States. The facts say otherwise: in the past 40 years, not one person from the countries targeted by Trump’s ban has killed anyone in a terror attack in the United States.
In Congress, I’m doing everything I can to uphold our commitment to welcoming those seeking refuge. With your support, I’ll keep up the fight. Chip in right now to join me in standing up for our values!
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