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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

CounterCurrents: An Inherent Ecocidal Death Wish Of Humanity

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In Visit To Israel, Trump Escalates Attacks On Iran
by Bill Van Auken 

Donald Trump made clear from the moment of his arrival in Israel Monday that the purpose of his trip, promoted by the White House and the media as part of a quest for “Middle East peace,” is the consolidation of reactionary regional alliance in support of a US military buildup against Iran.

Giving Rights To Trees. But Forgetting The Forests That Are Destroyed
by Saral Sarkar 

Compared to the overall situation today, are not the cases of individual chimps, Tommy, Kiko, Hercules, and Leo, much ado about insignificant things? These animals are after all not being brutally eliminated! Are not these cases distracting us from the great tasks of today?

An Inherent Ecocidal Death Wish Of Humanity
by David Anderson 

Our problem: There is a high probability of massive pain and suffering and then human extinction within the next one to two hundred years.

Donald Trump’s Riyadh Circus: Farcical, Nasty, And Dangerous
by Taj Hashmi 

Although there’s no reason to take Donald Trump’s erratic behaviour, and his ambivalent and nasty assertions seriously, yet we can’t ignore his latest gimmick, the circus he staged in Riyadh in the name of defeating Islamist terrorism on May 21st

British Media Are Siding With Iranian Regime To Undermine Ahwazi Arabs’ Struggle For Freedom
by Rahim Hamid 

Recently we have seen the mainstream media in the UK, supplemented by the film industry, undermine the struggle of an already oppressed people, the Ahwazi Arabs, by making a film about their plight, but wrongly labelling it ‘terrorism’. 

Questionable Legality Of The Surrender Process In Chhatisgarh: The Podiyam Panda ‘Surrender’
by Nandini Sundar 

The Podiyam Panda ‘surrender’ is the first one being challenged before a court. The entire experience shows the questionable legality of the surrender process in Chhatisgarh.

India Needs To Focus On Its Development Warriors
by Moin Qazi 

India spends more on programmes for the poor than most developing countries, but is not getting  the expected dividends that significant public expenditure would seem to warrant, and the needs of important population groups still  remain  partly addressed. This    has been haunting  social scientists and policy makers 

Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant: Second Reactor Also Commissioned Illegally
Co-Written by V T Padmanabhan & Sankar Ray

The KNNPP is a technological hoax, an abominable goof-up. The dogged determination to  have commissioned it shows that the authorities is mortgaged to alien corporate interests reminding us of  Andrew Undershaft in George Bernard Shaw, “Well, I am a millionaire and that is my religion”. Undershaft is an arms trader. The crucial question of energy security is subserviently surrendered to predatory interests abroad. When nuclear power is fast abandoned the world over, why nuclear lobby that has strong political connections is hell-bent on economically, environmentally and socially destructive ventures.

Reflections Of A Seed
by Sheshu Babu 

I wish I remain
In the cozy lap of mother Earth
Safe without pain
Of germination and growth …

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