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Friday, May 5, 2017

CounterCurrents: It’s Time To Reawaken The Spirit of Occupy For The Starving Millions

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Politics, Not Religion, Is The Source Of Sunni-Shia Conflict
by Nauman Sadiq 

Lately, it has become a habit of Orientalist apologists of Western imperialism to offer reductive historical and theological explanations of Sunni-Shi’a conflict in the Middle East region in order to cover up the blowback of ill-conceived Western military interventions and proxy wars that have reignited the flames of the internecine conflict in the Islamic World.

It’s Time To Reawaken The Spirit of Occupy For The Starving Millions
by Adam Parsons 

How is it possible that so many people still die from severe malnutrition and lack of access to basic resources, in a 21st century world that is wealthier and more technologically advanced than ever before? It was only six years ago that East Africa suffered a devastating drought and food crisis, with over a quarter of a million people dying from famine in Somalia (including 133,000 children), and millions more left with a legacy of chronic poverty, hardship and loss of livelihoods.

New Mantras For India’s Development
by Moin Qazi 

History has shown us that many of today’s challenges can be overcome in the years ahead. The world has the resources and the knowhow to improve the lives of all people. We just need to empower people to use their own knowledge to shape their futures. If we do that, more inclusive development will be within our reach.

Political Illiteracy Of Banker And BJP Spokeperson Syed Zafar Islam
by Shamsul Islam 

Syed Zafar Islam, former managing director of the Deutsche Bank and now a BJP spokesperson has penned a piece of wisdom for Indian Muslims on behalf of the Hindutva camp titled ‘Why Muslims must give BJP a fair chance: The community has devalued its own vote by becoming captive to self-styled secular parties’ 

Hillary Clinton’s Lament
by Dr Binoy Kampmark 

As things stand, the Democrats, including their fallen Presidential candidate, refuse any serious self-analysis.  Clinton’s concessions to errors of judgment are generally minor: there is always some greater, sabotaging cause she feels far more blameworthy.

Kashmir: Generals Call For Political Solution!
by Mohammad Ashraf 

Recently a number of retired Generals of the Army including a former Army Chief have opined that Kashmir needs a political solution rather than a military one!

The New India of Cow Age
by An Indian Citizen 

Welcome to the New India. This is nothing but a world of a Cow Age India. In this Cow Age India, Cows have ultimately achieved an up gradation. From non-citizenship, they have acquired citizenship. They will be offered an Aadhaar number which will become a proof of her Indian Citizenship. About eight crore cows which did not have an identity proof of her Indian Citizenship will ultimately get an identity. Cows must be very happy that after denial of her citizenship, a cow friendly government has come to her rescue and offering her Indian citizenship.

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