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Saturday, May 13, 2017

CounterCurrents: Kashmir, A Way Forward

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Trump Threatens Comey Over Leaked Account Of White House Dinner
by Barry Grey 

The crisis engulfing the Trump administration was compounded Friday by the president’s early morning tweet threatening fired FBI Director James Comey over leaked accounts of a White House dinner that contradicted the story given out by the president in an interview the previous day with NBC News.

Six Years Ago, Famine Killed 260,000 People In Somalia. Now, It’s On The Brink Of Happening Again

Years of drought and violence have left half of Somalia’s population in urgent need of humanitarian aid. With food prices rising and animals dying, millions of people don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Humanitarian organizations are working hard to deliver aid to the most vulnerable people in affected areas.

Kashmir, A Way Forward
by Mir Suhail 

Indians, Pakistanis and Kashmiris can break down this triangular prison and break free. They can do so by picking up the formula  Manmohan and Musharraf had once discussed. Make borders irrelevant, demilitarise, give administrative autonomy, have joint control and eventually, some kind of joint sovereignty. A win-win situation that could make Kashmir belong to everyone. Lahoris could enjoy their holiday in Srinagar, and  punjabis in  Pakistani Punjab , a friendly relationship can be built on mutual trust

Indo-Pak  Confrontation:  A Suicidal  Militaristic  Adventure
by Sumanta Banerjee 

Ideally,  the    Kashmiris  should  be  offered    a  chance,  through  a    referendum  under  neutral  UNO  auspices,  to  select  options  whether  (i)    to  remain  in  POK  or  Azad    Kashmir  for  those  who  are  living  there,  and  for  those    who  want  to  emigrate  from  the  Indian  state  of  Jammu & Kashmir , to  go  and  settle  there;  (ii)  to    remain  in  the  present  Jammu  and  Kashmir    state  of  India,  for    those who  are    living    there,    and  offer  the  choice  for  those  who want  to  emigrate  from  Azad  Kashmir  into    the  Indian  state ,  to  allow  them  to  settle here ;  and    (iii)    alternatively ,  to  opt  for    a  sovereign  state  of  Kashmir  with  a  constitution  that    guarantees  protection    and  rights  for  religious  minorities  like  Hindus  living  in  the    Valley    and  Jammu,  and  Buddhists  of  Ladakh,  and    other  such  communities.  These  were    a  part  of  the  democratic,  socialist  and  secular    values    that  were  propagated 
by  Sheikh  Abdullah.  Can  we    revive    that    concept  of  Kashmir  today  ?        

UN Urges India To Lift Social Media Ban In Kashmir
by Mir Suhail 

Raising alarm over the impact of internet and social media restrictions imposed by authorities in Kashmir, United Nations human rights experts have called on the Government of India to protect the right to freedom of expression and to pursue an open and democratic dialogue to address the region’s social and political conflicts.

We Can Learn To Express More Boldly From Manto
by Neha Saigal 

If the great Urdu writer, Saadat Hasan Manto was alive today, he would have been 105 years old. I wonder whether his spectacled and now old eyes would be surprised at how the world had further degraded in values of humanism.

Fact Finding Report On Assault of Prof Waghmare Following WhatsApp Post

This is a report of an eight-member fact finding team constituted by the Joint Action Committee for Social Justice, Mumbai to inquire into the assault on Prof Sunil Waghmare, head of Commerce department of KMC college in Khopoli (district Raigad, Maharashtra).

Commoners Against Rape In Bangladesh
by Farooque Chowdhury 

Commoners in Bangladesh are raising their voices against rape. There are protest march, meetings, stand-ins.

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