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Sunday, May 14, 2017

DOJ: Time for A Special Prosecutor

I copied this from a friend's post, but have already done it, as well. We cannot let this go unchecked.
Please go to, the Department of Justice's website, click on Contact on the menu bar. On the next page click on Contact Us Form. At the topics drop-down (at the subject line), scroll down to the bottom to find Messages to the Deputy Attorney General and ask him to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate potential ties to the Trump Campaign/Administration and Russia. Do it now and ask everyone you know who cares about democracy in this country to do it. My missive (feel free to copy and paste):
"If anything in the history of our country warranted a special prosecutor, Russia's attack on our democracy is it. If you are a patriot, appoint a truly independent special prosecutor now. Our future and your legacy are at stake."


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