So on the highway today I was in moderate traffic going about 45 when the lane I was in started to slow. I moved into the lane on my left that was free flowing and slightly accelerated while making the lane change. Once I was in the lane I let off the gas however the car continued to rev to where I was now heading full speed into the vehicle in front of me like I had the pedal to the floor but I was not touching the pedal. I was about to throw it in neutral and move onto the shoulder when it hit the redline and hung for a second and then it shifted hard enough to shake the entire car with a big thud sound and the rpms went to normal. Thankfully my mother who was going to use my car today had a change of plans so I was driving but this was scary as hell. Has anyone else had this happen? I know once I bring it in I will hear that they never heard of this before but a google search pulls up lots of sonatas and older genesis models with this same issue. This sounds just like the past issues with Toyota