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Friday, May 19, 2017

RSN: Benjamin Wittes | What James Comey Told Me About Donald Trump

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Benjamin Wittes | What James Comey Told Me About Donald Trump 
Former director of the FBI James Comey. (photo: Reuters) 
Benjamin Wittes, Lawfare 
Wittes writes: "I don't want to make a unified field theory out of these incidents, which are pieces of a much larger mosaic - a mosaic that surely includes whatever Comey knew about the Russia investigation, among many other things. But I am confident that these incidents tell a story about Comey's thinking over the months that he and Trump were in office together." 
Comey, Unsettled by Trump, Is Said to Have Wanted Him Kept at a Distance 
Michael S. Schmidt, The New York Times 
Schmidt writes: "President Trump called the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, weeks after he took office and asked him when federal authorities were going to put out word that Mr. Trump was not personally under investigation, according to two people briefed on the call." 
Justice Department: The Trump/Russia Inquiry Is Now a Criminal Investigation 
Alex Thompson and Alexandra Jaffe, VICE 
Excerpt: "The bipartisan consensus is that the Trump-Russia investigation has taken on a new level of seriousness." 
Senate Moves Forward With Bipartisan Bill to Rein in Jeff Sessions 
Tana Ganeva, Rolling Stone 
Ganeva writes: "Bluntly calling out Attorney General Jeff Sessions' hard-line stance on criminal justice as 'wrong,' a 'mistake' and 'aggressive,' Senators Rand Paul, a Republican from Kentucky, and Patrick Leahy, a Democrat from Vermont, have pledged to fight for sentencing reform." 
Bernie Backers Fight to Take Over California Democrats 
Reid Wilson, The Hill 
Wilson writes: "More than 3,000 delegates from across the Golden State will parachute into Sacramento in coming days to hear from candidates running for an open gubernatorial seat, a handful of statewide offices, and to elect a new party chairman." 
Heath Insurers and State Officials Say Trump Is Undermining Obamacare, Pushing up Rates 
Noam N. Levey, Los Angeles Times 
Levey writes: "Health insurers across the country are making plans to dramatically raise Obamacare premiums or exit marketplaces amid growing exasperation with the Trump administration's erratic management, inconsistent guidance and seeming lack of understanding of basic healthcare issues." 
Thanks to Global Warming, Antarctica Is Starting to Turn Green 
Chris Mooney, The Washington Post 
Mooney writes: "Researchers in Antarctica have discovered rapidly growing banks of mosses on the ice continent's northern peninsula, providing striking evidence of climate change in the coldest and most remote parts of the planet." 

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