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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

RSN: Bernie Sanders | Trump's Belief That Climate Change Is a "Hoax" Is a Threat to Our Entire Planet

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Bernie Sanders | Trump's Belief That Climate Change Is a "Hoax" Is a Threat to Our Entire Planet 
Bernie Sanders. (photo: John Shinkle/Politico) 
Bernie Sanders, Bernie Sanders' Facebook Page 
Sanders writes: "Over the weekend, millions of people throughout the globe marched for sane environmental policies and for the need to transform our energy system away from fossil fuels to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. The momentum is with us, not the fossil fuel industry." 
Sources: Former Acting AG Yates to Contradict Administration About Flynn at Hearing 
Jim Sciutto, Manu Raju and Pamela Brown, CNN 
Excerpt: "Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates is prepared to testify before a Senate panel next week that she gave a forceful warning to the White House regarding then-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn nearly three weeks before he was fired, contradicting the administration's version of events." 
Michael Slager Pleads Guilty in Police Killing of Walter Scott 
Jaweed Kaleem, The Los Angeles Times 
Kaleem writess: "Michael T. Slager entered his plea in federal court in Charleston, S.C., more than two years after he fatally shot Walter Scott five times as Scott was running away after being pulled over for a broken car brake light." 
Paul Ryan Straight Up Deceives People in a Last-Ditch Attempt to Sell Trumpcare 
Ian Millhiser, ThinkProgress 
Millhiser writes: "Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) has two new weapons in his arsenal: an amendment, favored by the most conservative members of his caucus, that will make the bill even harsher for people with preexisting health conditions; and a completely shameless willingness to mislead people about what this amendment actually does." 
Justice Department Won't Charge White Officers in Killing of Alton Sterling 
Oliver Laughland, Guardian UK 
Laughland writes: "The US justice department has declined to bring charges against the white police officers involved in the 2016 fatal shooting of Alton Sterling, a black man in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, according to multiple reports." 
A Refugee Caravan From Central America Is Set to Confront Trump 
Excerpt: "The caravan, which is expected to reach the U.S. next week, was organized by a Mexican-U.S. coalition group. The journey is meant to raise awareness about the perils and hardships faced by migrants trying to escape violence in Central America." 
The EPA's out of the Climate-Science Business. Here's How to Keep Up 
Excerpt: "Once you delete that EPA bookmark from your browser (which we all have, of course), here are a few good resources to call upon going forward." 

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