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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

RSN: Garrison Keillor | Get Washington's Statues off Their High Horses

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Garrison Keillor | Get Washington's Statues off Their High Horses 
Pedestrians in Northwest Washington's Thomas Circle. (photo: Bill O'Leary/WP) 
Garrison Keillor, The Washington Post 
Keillor writes: "Forgive me if I don't think the removal of Confederate statuary is an issue. I call it decluttering, which is an ongoing project at my house and I hope at yours too." 
For Ex-CIA Director Trump-Russia Collusion Is an Open Question 
Andrew Desiderio and Spencer Ackerman, The Daily Beast 
Excerpt: "Donald Trump and his allies insist that there's no evidence whatsoever of collusion between the Kremlin and Trump Tower. The former director of the Central Intelligence Agency isn't so sure." 
Pressure Mounts as Senate Subpoenas Flynn Again Over Trump-Russia Inquiry 
Sabrina Siddiqui, Guardian UK 
Siddiqui writes: "Congressional investigators on Tuesday issued a fresh warning to Michael Flynn to turn over documents pertaining to the investigation of Russian interference in the US election, escalating pressure on Donald Trump's former national security adviser to either comply or risk being held in contempt." 
Women Will Pay the Steepest Price for Trump's Medicaid Cuts 
Annalisa Merelli, Quartz 
Merelli writes: "Women who meet the income requirement automatically receive Medicaid coverage during pregnancy and for at least 60 days following delivery. And because they tend to be poorer than men across all demographics, women are also more likely to qualify for Medicaid as low-income parents, elders, and people with disabilities." 
Over 58,000 Haitians Facing Deportation in US Get Limited Extension 
Esther Yu Hsi Lee, ThinkProgress 
Hsi Lee writes: "Haitian immigrants who are temporarily protected from deportation under a federal program for victims of disaster relief will receive a six-month extension to legally reside in the United States, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced on Monday." 
After Bombing, Manchester Residents Shut Down Anti-Muslim Demonstration 
Excerpt: "In the aftermath of Monday's tragic bombing, the people of Manchester showed little patience with the racist opportunists of the extreme right English Defence League, quickly confronting EDL's attempts at provoking a xenophobic and anti-Muslim backlash." 
Trump's EPA Budget: 5 Critical Programs on His Chopping Block 
Elgie Holstein, EcoWatch 
Holstein writes: "President Trump's proposed budget released Tuesday is alarming. It's clear that Trump is directing a full-scale effort to dismantle our nation's core environmental protections." 

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