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Sunday, May 14, 2017

RSN: Garrison Keillor | Trump and the Fraternal Order of Exclusivity

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Garrison Keillor | Trump and the Fraternal Order of Exclusivity 
Garrison Keillor. (photo: WPPB) 
Garrison Keillor, The Washington Post 
Keillor writes: "For all the fireworks of the French election, please note that Marine Le Pen gave a simple, elegant concession speech, congratulating the winner and thanking her supporters and campaign workers. She did not claim voter fraud or a media conspiracy or accuse the government of tapping her phone. She is, after all, French. Liberty, equality, dignity." 
Report: Comey Willing to Testify, but Only in Public 
Alicia Cohn, The Hill 
Cohn writes: "James Comey is willing to speak to Congress following his sudden dismissal as head of the FBI earlier this week, but he wants the testimony to be public, according to a new report." 
Tom Price Refuses to Say Reporter Shouldn't Face Charges for Asking Him a Question 
Alan Pyke, ThinkProgress 
Pyke writes: "Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price continues to duck questions about the arrest of a reporter who asked him pointed questions in a hallway at the West Virginia capitol earlier this week." 
An NSA-Derived Ransomware Worm Is Shutting Down Computers Worldwide 
Dan Goodin, Ars Technica 
Goodin writes: "A highly virulent new strain of self-replicating ransomware shut down computers all over the world, in part by appropriating a National Security Agency exploit that was publicly released last month by the mysterious group calling itself Shadow Brokers." 
Media Are Literally Copy-and-Pasting ICE Press Releases 
Adam Johnson, FAIR 
Johnson writes: "Recent coverage of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement's 'gang raids' across the country has various outlets literally copy-and-pasting ICE's press release." 
Palestinian Prisoners Enter Fourth Week of Hunger Strike 
Excerpt: "Today, the mass hunger strike by Palestinians in Israeli prisons is in its critical fourth week, at which point the hundreds of hunger strikers may find standing up difficult or impossible." 
To Curb Climate Change, We Need to Protect and Expand US Forests 
William Moomaw, teleSUR 
Moomaw writes: "Forests have been removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing carbon for more than 300 million years. When we cut down or burn trees and disturb forest soils, we release that stored carbon to the atmosphere." 

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