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Saturday, May 13, 2017

RSN: Russ Feingold | Donald Trump Acts Like an Illegitimate President for a Reason

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Russ Feingold | Donald Trump Acts Like an Illegitimate President for a Reason 
'We are a nation at risk of the Trump-Pence administration becoming a catastrophic precedent.' (photo: David McNew/Getty) 
Russ Feingold, Guardian UK 
Feingold writes: "The American people did not really choose Donald Trump. His presidency exists without the support of the majority of voters and, in turn, without a true mandate from the American people." 
Trump Reportedly Sought a Loyalty Pledge From Comey. The FBI Says This 'Leads to Tyranny.' 
Aaron Blake, The Washington Post 
Blake writes: "There are now multiple reports that President Trump fired FBI Director James B. Comey in part because Comey didn't provide him assurances of loyalty." 
Donald Trump Orders "Election Integrity" Commission Headed by Architects of Voter Suppression 
Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! 
Goodman reports: "Voting rights activists are expressing alarm after President Donald Trump signed an executive order Thursday creating a 'Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.'" 
War on Drugs 2.0: Jeff Sessions Launches New Policy for Mandatory-Minimum Sentences 
Keegan Hamilton, VICE 
Hamilton writes: "Virtually every person who faces federal drug charges can now expect to receive a stiff mandatory-minimum sentence under a new policy announced late Thursday by Attorney General Jeff Sessions." 
The Industry of Inequality: Why the World Is Obsessed With Private Security 
Claire Provost, Guardian UK 
Provost writes: "At least half the world's population lives in countries where there are more private security workers than public police officers." 
US Military Contractors Employed Former Child Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan 
Al Jazeera 
Excerpt: "The number of former child soldiers recruited by private companies to take part in active combat is unknown." 
Earth Is Losing Its Ice: Glaciers Around the World Are Rapidly Disappearing 
Ian Johnston, The Independent 
Johnston writes: "Glaciers all over the world are disappearing in what should be the subject of 'international concern,' according to a new article in the leading journal Science." 

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