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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

RSN: Tim Mak | Sally Yates: I Tried to Warn You About Michael Flynn

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Tim Mak | Sally Yates: I Tried to Warn You About Michael Flynn 
James Clapper and Sally Yates testify before a Senate panel on May 8, 2017. (photo: Aaron Bernstein/Reuters) 
Tim Mak, The Daily Beast 
Mak writes: "Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates revealed for the first time publicly on Monday the dramatic details of her visit to the White House to tell the president's lawyer that their National Security Adviser may have been compromised by the Russians." 
David Sirota | Halliburton in Colorado: Board Member's Donation Shows Power of Oil and Gas Industry 
David Sirota and Josh Keefe, International Business Times 
Excerpt: "A top fossil fuel industry official poured $40,000 into the Colorado Republican Party's super PAC on the same day the state's legislature began considering a bill to limit the oil and gas industry's fracking and drilling near schools." 
Life Expectancy Gap Between Rich and Poor US Regions Is 'More Than 20 Years' 
Richard Luscombe, Guardian UK 
Luscombe writes: "Your average life expectancy now varies by more than 20 years depending on where you live in the United States, according to an in-depth study by the University of Washington." 
US Wants a Tally of Haitian Immigrants' Crimes 
Alicia A. Caldwell, Associated Press 
Caldwell writes: "The Trump administration is taking the unusual step of hunting for evidence of crimes committed by Haitian immigrants as it decides whether to allow them to continue participating in a humanitarian program that has shielded tens of thousands from deportation." 
Chokwe Antar Lumumba's Election Marks a New Era for Jackson - and for the South 
Matthew Cunningham-Cook, In These Times 
Cunningham-Cook writes: "With only a perfunctory general election in his way, Lumumba will almost certainly be the city's next mayor. The election places Jackson-population 170,000, 80 percent black-in the vanguard of progressive politics, offering clear lessons for progressive forces across the country." 
War Forces Two Million South Sudanese Children to Flee Homes 
Excerpt: "War and famine have forced more than 2 million children in South Sudan to flee their homes, the United Nations said on Monday, as 21 people died in the latest attack on civilians by unknown gunmen." 
To Save the Honey Bee, Researchers Are Turning to Mushrooms 
Abigail Bechtel, Grist 
Bechtel writes: "Bee populations have been in flux for the past decade. Colony collapse disorder was a crisis - until it wasn't. And then, last year, bee die-offs were high again. There are a number of suspects, but one contributor to the decline is varroa mites." 

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