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Thursday, June 29, 2017

CounterCurrents: A Thousand Seeds Of Resistance Planted For Junaid

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The lynching of Junaid in a train in Haryana has awakened the conscience of India. Thousands of people held protest meetings across the country, saying " Not In My Name". Dr P S Sahni who was in the protest gathering in Janatar Mantar, in New Delhi writes "A thousand seeds of resistance got planted yesterday evening at Jantar Mantar, national protest site, Delhi on the blood shed by Junaid. The name Junaid in Urdu means fighter, warrior whose strength is equal to a small army." This could be the beginning of a movement to take back India. 

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Binu Mathew

A Thousand Seeds Of Resistance Planted For Junaid
by Dr P S Sahni 

A thousand seeds of resistance got planted yesterday evening at Jantar Mantar, national protest site, Delhi on the blood shed by Junaid. The name Junaid in Urdu means fighter, warrior whose strength is equal to a small army.

Lynching Mobs, Street Violence And Stifled Democracy 
by Sukumaran C V 

There is no connection between mob violence and democracy. It seems that the streets of our nation today are in the reign and under the total control of lynching mobs. In this month alone (June 2017) we witnessed four gruesome lynchings— that of the 15 year old boy Junaid in Haryana and of a 52 year old lady and three young men in West Bengal!

Speak Up : Why Are You Silent About Lynchistan?
by Gurpreet Singh 

In this powerful two-minute video, Gurpreet Singh, India-born, Canadian journalist asks heads of governments, peace activists, academics, ‘Why are you Silent?” at the Lynchings in India, the targeting of innocents, mostly Indian Muslims, by those in power to turn India into a Hindu Stat

Modi’s Govt ‘stain-less’ Amidst Bloodstains On The Streets?
by Samar 

While the Modi government continues to be ‘stain-less’, the country is getting more and more bloodstained with every passing day. That cannot augur well for any government.

Mumbai Activist Raped For Exposing Mangrove Destruction
by National Alliance of People’s Movements 

Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan (GBGBA) strongly condemns the rape of a woman environment activist by five men who were apparently aggrieved by the woman’s complaint about destruction of mangroves.

Putting Food On All Tables
by Sally Dugman 

Please note that if you have hungry impoverished people in your region, you can find ways to get financial and food donations from various individuals and groups, such as farmers at markets or at their farms, religious groups, charitable organizations, grocery stores and other sources. So they are worthwhile to pursue.

Pushing Gaza To Suicide: The Politics of Humiliation
by Dr Ramzy Baroud

Between Israel’s dismissal of international calls to end the siege and Palestinians’ pathetic power game, Gazans are left alone, unable to move freely or live even according to the lowest acceptable living standards.

Israel’s Illegitimate Tactics Against Palestinian Armed Resistance vs. Legitimate Global Security Concerns
by Rima Najjar  

In 2016 alone, more than 1,000 unarmed Palestinians engaged in protests or demonstrations were shot by Israeli forces in the occupied Palestinian territory.

Tension Erupts As Chinese Troops Enter Indian Territory Destroying Bunkers
by Abdus Sattar Ghazali 

A major scuffle has erupted along the India-China border as Chinese troops entered the Indian state of Sikkim and destroyed two Indian bunkers. Chinese troops also engaged in a fight with Indian troops, who were guarding the border at the location.

On The Wrong Side Of History: The US Democratic Party’s Decline
by Jon Kofas 

Democrats have a much more difficult task because they are swimming in an ocean of contradictions, promising to cater to disparate social/cultural groups while delivering the benefits to Wall Street from where their campaign contributions originate. The irreconcilable differences in their “bit tent” identity politics approach combined with a shrinking economy unable to compete globally as it was in the first two decades after WWII presents greater challenges for the Democratic Party. Of course, its neoliberal leadership could opt to embrace a Keynesian model, but that will probably have to wait until the next Great Depression, most likely in the 2030s. If not, then a form of a neo-Fascist state will become a reality.

Financing Conflict In Tribal areas
by Sanghamitra Dubey

Balapu Santa, age 62, from village Mendra shared his struggle to get back his cultivated land .He says that the land is under cultivation for last 40 years which he has now claimed under the forest rights act 2006 like many others in the village . Though the exact area of cultivation is over 7acres, but the forest dept officials have arbitrarily reduced the claimed area to 1.74acre only in the field verification . Balapu, as like many others in the village, has been subjected to such illegal action of the forest dept causing denial of access to rights over land .

Hillsborough: Holding The Police To Account
by Dr Binoy Kampmark  

On Wednesday, six people, including two former senior police officers, were charged for criminal offences linked to the disaster.  Significant here was the alleged cover-up that ensued. Sue Hemming of the Crown Prosecution Service’s head of special crime and counter-terrorism, after reviewing the material, “decided that there is sufficient evidence to charge six individuals with criminal offences.”

GST: How Do We Go From Here?
by Abdul Majid Zargar 

By all indications, Mehbooba Govt. appears all set for lending its approval to adoption of 101st Indian constitutional amendment paving way for application of Goods & Services Tax Act (GST) to the whole state. The bycott by NC Govt. to the 2nd round of All party meeting is all a soap opera drama . With this application, the last post of fiscal autonomy of the State will be uprooted & demolished the same way, their peers & predecessors have been doing in the past.

Anarchy And impotence!
by Mohammad Ashraf 

The two words which describe the present Kashmir situation appropriately!

Collective (Conscience) Killer
by Peoples Union for Democratic Rights 

President of India, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee rejected five more mercy petitions between 25th and 26th May, 2017. With his current rejections, he has achieved 42 rejections and seven acceptances of mercy petitions during his tenure. There has been marked increase in rejections of mercy petitions in recent years, especially, after Mr. Pranab Mukherjee assumed office in 2012, former Presidents have chosen to exercise “pocket veto” i.e., delaying the Presidential assent on the recommendation than rejecting petitions.

Venomous Girl
by Bhuwan Thapaliya 

I flinched
and hid myself to evade her

but she spotted me,
her prey.

Clad in a national dress,
and waving the flags of patriotism

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