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Thursday, June 29, 2017


Please stand up and speak out....Americans can't afford to loose health care.

It's time for SINGLE PAYER UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE just like every other Industrialized Nation.

ALL Americans deserve HEALTH CARE.

Today's Daily Action is to call your Senators at 1-844-241-1141 and speak out on the healthcare bill. It's great that the Senate healthcare vote has been delayed but didn't we see the SAME THING in the House only to LOSE that vote?
If your Senator is a Republican, and they are one of the nine* GOP Senators publicly opposed to the bill, thank them for taking a stand and tell them not to make a deal behind closed doors that undermines their principles (Keep in mind some of these Senators oppose the bill for the wrong reasons.) Whether they have opposed the bill or not, if your Republican Senator has expressed concerns about this bill's impact on the American people, urge them to consult the experts in your State and to reach across party lines to find a solution that's pragmatic - not ideological.
If your Senator is a Democrat, there are two messages to give them today. First, of course, is to thank them for defending our healthcare and our rights (For example, your right not to die of a preventable illness or your right to an education regardless of disability). The second is to remind them that a "bad plan" is going to beat "no plan" and that they need to either put forward their own proposal to lower premiums and stabilize the ACA exchanges or publicly reach across the aisle and find people to work with.
*Senators Paul, Cruz, Johnson, Lee want the bill made more "conservative." Senators Moran, Collins, Capito, Heller, Portman want the bill made more "moderate."

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