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Thursday, June 29, 2017


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What a repellent human being the president is.

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Downright ignorant!

Shouldn't he be governing like a big boy? Can you imagine President Obama behaving like that, never mind Washington, J. Adams, Jefferson, FDR. The man is a consummate disgrace to our country.

The president used Twitter to taunt Mika Brzezinski and her co-host, 
Joe Scarborough, referring to them as “low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with 
Psycho Joe.”

Parwez Wahid There is something terribly wrong across this country.

The people who voted for this disgraceful man knew exactly what he was 

about (heck he did all he could to prove he was not fit for the job).

But still they voted for him.

What is that you are saying? The Rust Belters wanted their jobs back. I can 

understand that, but tell 'em to take a good look at Carrier. The jobs that 


claims to have "saved" will be gone next month.

Stephen Iannaccone Well, he can defend himself without being misogynist, 

bigoted and demeaning. There are lots of leaders we have had who 

complained and griped about media coverage. I don't know of one who is 

without social boundaries and so lacking in self-control/discipline. We don't 

expect perfection from our leaders. But, I expect an intelligent and rationale 

response, even if it is a bit 'snarky.' I hate almost everything he does. 

Personally, The fact of his election is a commentary on polemics and excess 

partisanship. I still don't understand why he behaves as he does. No one is 

really prepared to deal with a person with enough skill to speak but no 

personal conscience about what is right, sensible or just politically savvy.

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