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Sunday, June 25, 2017

CounterCurrents: Two And Half Minutes To Midnight

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In Solidarity

Binu Mathew

Solidarity With Earth And Humanity
by David Sparenberg 

I believe we are in an early stage of every goodness human beings every dared believe in and which have nurtured and inspired the phoenix of humanity to rise again and again from ashes of the anti-human is in gravest danger.

Two And Half Minutes To Midnight
by Dr Arshad M Khan

There is a disturbing, discordant dissonance in the world. It is an uncomfortable feeling that something really bad is about to happen. Events unfold almost daily each of which would have been cause for shock and alarm once upon a time.

We Don’t Want It! Don’t You Get It?
by Sally Dugman 

Is the whole world sacred or, if you’re personally not religious enough to use the term “sacred,” worthwhile and NECESSARY to salvage? Are other life forms other than humans worthy to preserve? Do we need the holistic unity of us all to collectively survive, ourselves, as a species in addition to maintaining the world around us?

Dismayed And Demeaned In Abu Dhabi
by Fazal M. Kamal  

This story is about a friend’s experience while traveling intercontinentally in the eminent Times of Trump. Let’s call him, for the sake of convenience, Max. And also note that he is a US citizen. But I’m getting ahead of myself here because for clarity I must record two facts that Max had mentioned. (Meanwhile another perilous aspect has been added to world history with the discovery of “black holes” in Yemen operated by UAE security elements.)

Claiming Urban Space For The Poor: Eviction Stories From Navi Mumbai
by Ankit Jha 

“There has been no demolition in past 2 decades or so, but in last 4 months they have come thrice and tried to evict us. There has been 3 demolitions, the first where (March 18, 2017) they gave us a notice, but in previous two instances (April 18 and June 7) there was none. They came with 2 Bulldozers, 3 policemen also consisting of women officers and CIDCO watchmen on June 7th, 2017. They demolished almost everything, if anyone resisted they dragged and beat them.”

CARICOM Deals A Blow To US Plans For Regime Change In Venezuela
by Gerald A Perreira 

So said, so done. Last week, the US Ambassador to Guyana, Perry Holloway, spewed the US false narrative regarding Venezuela in our local newspapers. US ambassadors in a number of other Caribbean countries did the same. It was a coordinated attempt to mislead the people of Guyana and the region about what is really happening in Venezuela, and to apply pressure on members of CARICOM (Caribbean Community) and the OAS (Organization of American States) to succumb to US calls for intervention,with the aim of overthrowing the democratically elected government of President Nicolas Maduro.

Which Interests Will Benefit From The Beef Ban?
by Manali Chakrabarti 

Amid all this noise, let us try to make sense of this decision of the Government. We will start with understanding the legality of the notification and its immediate implication for the trade in cattle. Then we would analyse the impact of the notification on various sectors of the economy and the people engaged in them. And finally we would try to explore the possible reason(s) for the notification by the ruling party, which by all accounts would not only further rip the already damaged secular fabric of the country, but also severely harm the economic life of the people. Or, in other words, we would attempt to figure out who stands to gain from the notification. 

The Ministry Of Utmost Happiness Gives Voice To The “Other” India
by Gurpreet Singh 

Arundhati Roy’s latest novel gives voice to the most condemned groups in the world’s so called largest secular democracy.

Cricket Nationalism
by T Navin 

In the changed conditions too, cricket is used as a means of spreading national chauvinism and minority hatred. For decades, cricket has been used as a means for spreading hatred against Muslims and Pakistan by communal sections in the country. 

Open Letter From An Indian Muslim
by Syed Junaid Hashmi 

I am appalled as to why a war has been declared on me? From television studios to the national highways to the lanes and by-lanes, lynch mobs are out to sniff life out of me. They want me dead for being anti-national, anti-animal, anti-cow, anti-India, pro-Pakistan and an ISIS-inspired Muslim zealot.

by Bhuwan Thapaliya 

empty, naked
hungry and cold,

their figures are like
the edge of the world

an embarkation
point of hope.

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