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Sunday, June 25, 2017

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CIA Agent Of 11 Years Quits Because Of Trump, Pens Scathing Open Letter Everyone Needs To Read

June 18, 2017
It’s no secret that the intelligence community in the US and the new president, Donald Trump, have been locked in conflict. The various agencies have been trying to walk a razor thin line of answering to him while concurrently trying to investigate his affairs.
Take James Comey for example. Only days ago, the former FBI Director testified before Congress regarding his unusual and often times frightening relationship with Trump. Comey himself admitted that the reason he decided to keep notes of his meetings with Trump was because he was deeply concerned about their “one-on-one” meetings (at the President’s request, mind you).
Add to that, the other reason Comey decided to keep notes on Trump was because he was sincerely concerned by the President’s attitude and moral compass, mostly due to the fact that Donald Trump has publicly lied on more than one occasion.
Keep in mind, these accusations are coming from only one man, the former FBI Director. And that in itself is enough to paint a horrible picture of Donald Trump. However, that’s not even the end of it.
Recently, a former member of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) wrote an open letter about how he wasn’t able to continue serving knowing that he was working under someone so dangerous to our country.
Edward Price, a man who dedicated 11 years of his life to the CIA, resigned when he realized there was more to Trump’s dealings with Russia than he had previously admitted. He observed that he couldn’t serve under a man who couldn’t be trusted.
In his open letter he posted on The Washington Post, he said:
I watched in disbelief when, during the third presidential debate, Trump casually cast doubt on the high-confidence conclusion of our 17 intelligence agencies, released that month, that Russia was behind the hacking and release of election-related emails. On the campaign trail and even as president-elect, Trump routinely referred to the flawed 2002 assessment of Iraq’s weapons programs as proof that the CIA couldn’t be trusted — even though the intelligence community had long ago held itself to account for those mistakes and Trump himself supported the invasion of Iraq.
Trump’s actions in office have been even more disturbing. His visit to CIA headquarters on his first full day in office, an overture designed to repair relations, was undone by his ego and bluster. Standing in front of a memorial to the CIA’s fallen officers, he seemed to be addressing the cameras and reporters in the room, rather than the agency personnel in front of them, bragging about his inauguration crowd the previous day.
So he’s dishonest and prideful? That’s a dangerous combination…
Given Trump’s disturbing relationship with Comey, the picture that Comey painted of Trump during his testimony before Congress, and the fact that an 11 year veteran of the CIA quit because he couldn’t stand working under a Commander-In-Chief who didn’t have his priorities in order, it’s pretty clear that Trump and the intelligence community aren’t on the best of terms.
And for good reason. On one hand, you have professionals in the intelligence community who are doing their job, trying to keep our country safe, while on the other, you have a President who is more interested in bragging about personal accomplishments and calling everybody who doesn’t agree with him “fake.”
The rift is real, and there’s no sign it’ll be fixed anytime soon, especially not while Trump is under Federal investigation.

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Alex Jones is almost certainly the most prolific conspiracy 
theorist in contemporary America.

Hillary Clinton “has personally murdered and chopped up and raped children.” — Alex Jones Show, December 8, 2016
“You have a total right to question Sandy Hook. I’ve been saying since it happened I don’t know if the official story was true or not." — Alex Jones Show, June 18, 2017


Wayne Simmons, 62, has been a regular guest on Fox News and
has served as an intelligence advisor in Afghanistan and in the U.S.
Army. There’s only one problem;…


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