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Thursday, June 29, 2017

RSN: Robert Reich | It's Time for Medicare for All

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29 June 17 AM
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Robert Reich | It's Time for Medicare for All 
Robert Reich. (photo: Getty) 
Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Blog 
Reich writes: "This political reality is already playing out in Congress, as many Democrats move toward Medicare for All. Most House Democrats are co-sponsoring a Medicare for All bill there." 
Trump's Only Slightly Reduced Muslim Ban to Go Into Effect Today 
Matthew Lee, Associated Press 
Lee writes: "The Trump administration is putting new criteria in place Thursday for visa applicants from six mostly Muslim nations and all refugees, requiring a close family or business tie to the United States. The move comes after the Supreme Court partially restored President Donald Trump's executive order that was widely criticized as a ban on Muslims." 
Trump Holds Trump Fundraiser at Trump Hotel - Benefiting Trump 
Ben Brody, Bloomberg 
Brody writes: "President Donald Trump plans to kick off his 2020 re-election fundraising with a $35,000-a-plate event at his Washington hotel Wednesday, a gathering that stands to benefit his business as well as his political aims." 
Gorsuch Is the New Scalia, Just as Trump Promised 
Richard L. Hasen, The Los Angeles Times 
Hasen writes: "Whatever else comes of the Donald J. Trump presidency, already he has perfectly fulfilled one campaign pledge in a way that will affect the entire United States for a generation or more: putting another Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court." 
Border Patrol's Crackdown on Aid Camp in Arizona Desert Will Result in Deaths for Migrants and Refugees 
Anika Wasserman, The Boston Globe 
Wasserman writes: "Southern Arizona is experiencing record temperatures. Last week, it reached a high of 115 degrees for three days in a row. Despite this heat, every day hundreds of people fleeing poverty and violence in Central America and Mexico begin a long, treacherous journey across the US-Mexico border." 
The Trump Administration Pledges to Block Any Appointment of Palestinian Official to Senior UN Post 
The Times of Israel 
Excerpt: "US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley indicated she would block any appointment of a Palestinian official to a senior role at the UN because Washington 'does not recognize Palestine' as an independent state." 
A Million Bottles a Minute: World's Plastic Binge 'As Dangerous as Climate Change' 
Sandra Laville and Matthew Taylor, Guardian UK 
Excerpt: "A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and the number will jump another 20% by 2021, creating an environmental crisis some campaigners predict will be as serious as climate change." 

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