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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

RSN: Charles Pierce | The Russia Scandal Was Desperately Missing a Biker Gang Subplot. Well, Here It Is.

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26 June 17 PM
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Charles Pierce | The Russia Scandal Was Desperately Missing a Biker Gang Subplot. Well, Here It Is. 
'So this Mangushev character starts a motorcycle gang among his fellow Russian expats that he names after the Russian equivalent of the special forces.' (photo: Getty Images)
Charles Pierce, Esquire
Pierce writes: "The most amazing story ran in the Miami Herald last Thursday. It involves the Trump organization and a Russian official deep in the dark side of shady, because all of the amazing stories do these days. But it also involves a Russian motorcycle gang that has staked a claim in this country and that once had its gang colors hoisted in outer space."
Supreme Court Sides With Religious Institutions in a Major Church-State Decision
Nina Totenberg, NPR News
Totenberg writes: "The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that taxpayer-funded grants for playgrounds available to nonprofits under a state program could not be denied to a school run by a church."
The Word "Women" Literally Never Appears in the US Senate's 142-Page Health-Care Bill
Heather Timmons, Quartz
Timmons writes: "The Senate bill was crafted behind closed doors, by 13 men and no women. A search of the language used in the 142-page draft document (pdf) shows that womanhood and motherhood are, quite literally, also omitted from most of the bill itself. Here are the few mentions."
Minnesota Town Offers Settlement Almost as Large as Its Police Budget in Philando Castile Killing
Alan Pyke, ThinkProgress
Pyke writes: "Valerie Castile will receive nearly $3 million from the city of St. Anthony, Minnesota, family lawyers announced Monday."
White Nationalists Find Lincoln Memorial, and Opposing Voices
Justin Wm. Moyer and Michael Laris, The Washington Post
Excerpt: "A group of white nationalists and right-wing activists descended on one of America's greatest venues for political speech Sunday - the area in front of the Reflecting Pool at the Lincoln Memorial, near where the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of his dream."
The Qatar Crisis: A Battle for Regional Power With No Heroes to Cheer For
Adam Hanieh, Jacobin
Hanieh writes: "The June 5 decision by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, and Egypt to suspend diplomatic ties with Qatar has sent shockwaves through the Middle East."
Al Franken Had to Explain the Scientific Method to Rick Perry
Manola Secaira, Grist
Secaira writes: "During his Thursday testimony before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee about his department's 2018 budget request, Minnesota Senator Al Franken decided to take Energy Secretary Rick Perry to task for statements he made on Monday."

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