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Monday, June 26, 2017

RSN: Latest Russian Hacking Bombshell: Damning Revelations About GOP, Trump

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25 June 17 PM
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Latest Russian Hacking Bombshell: Damning Revelations About GOP, Trump 
Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama. (photo: Dmitry Azarov/Kommersant Photo/Getty Images) 
Bob Dreyfuss, Rolling Stone 
Dreyfuss writes: "It wasn't just Donald Trump who dismissed and rejected charges that Russian spies hacked the election last year. Now we know that pretty much the entire Republican party team did so, too - from the Republican congressional leadership down to GOP Secretaries of State in the states whose local electoral systems were under attack." 
How to Fix Gerrymandering 
Jordan Ellenberg, Slate 
Ellenberg writes: "The maps in my home state were engineered with merciless precision to ensure a lasting Republican majority in a place whose recent voting practices have oscillated within a narrow purple band. This is surely unfair; the courts will decide whether it's unconstitutional as well." 
Senate Health-Care Bill Faces Serious Resistance From GOP Moderates 
Juliet Eilperin and Amy Goldstein, The Washington Post 
Excerpt: "A small group of moderate Republican senators, worried that their leaders' health-care bill could damage the nation's social safety net, may pose at least as significant an obstacle to the measure's passage as their colleagues on the right." 
'No Doesn't Really Mean No': North Carolina Law Means Women Can't Revoke Consent for Sex 
Molly Redden, Guardian UK 
Redden writes: "In North Carolina, a person cannot withdraw consent for sex once intercourse is taking place. Because of a 1979 state supreme court ruling that has never been overturned, continuing to have sex with someone who consented then backed out isn't considered to be rape." 
Illinois Universities Threatened With Loss of Accreditation Over Historic Budget Impasse 
Rich Miller, Capitol Fax 
Miller writes: "Buried way down in today's [Chicago] Tribune article is this sentence... 'Also at risk is accreditation for some state universities after the Higher Learning Commission issued a letter warning that a continued lack of funding 'places the higher education system of Illinois at considerable risk and is injurious to the very students the system purports to serve.'" 
LGBT Activists Prevented From Assembling in Istanbul 
Zeynep Bilginsoy, Associated Press 
Excerpt: "Turkish police stopped activists for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex rights from gathering in large numbers for LGBT pride in Istanbul on Sunday, but smaller groups made impromptu press statements defying a ban imposed by the governor." 
Whatever Trump Is Selling, His People Are Buying Including a Solar Border Wall 
Stefanie Spear, EcoWatch 
Spear writes: "As Trevor Noah noted during The Daily Show episode last night (starts at 2:25), the real reason Trump has these rallies is to 'get back in front of his loyal crowds and feed of their energy.' Noah believes that 'Trump supporters are so on board with their dude he can say anything and they'll come along for the ride.'" 

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