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Friday, June 30, 2017

GOP Moral Bankruptcy

This is the face of a man who does not care about American lives.

Kentuckians: this sorry destroyer of Democracy, desecrator of our Constitution and Judas of the American people has become a MILLIONAIRE while taking OUR TAX DOLLARS and taking away your freedoms AND healthcare.

The unveiling of the Senate version of Trumpcare has not treated Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell well.  He originally planned to push the bill through the Senate before the July 4th recess, but later postponed the vote after several Republican Senators vowed to vote against the bill.
One of the big problems with the Obamacare repeal is the death of Medicaid.  In the state of Kentucky, Medicaid is heavily relied upon.  The Eastern section of Kentucky includes counties with numbers as high as 60% of citizens on Medicaid.
The New York Times interviewed Kentucky residents who voted for McConnell, and they were surprised to find out that he wants to destroy Medicaid.
via the Times:
Kathy Collins, 50, who suffers from lupus, an autoimmune disease — and who was uninsured until she got Medicaid coverage through the law’s expansion — is among Dr. Breeding’s patients. Sitting in her hospital bed here Tuesday morning, she said she was surprised to hear that Mr. McConnell, whom she had voted for previously, was leading the charge to roll it back.
“He is?” she asked. “Well, then, he’s no good for Kentucky.”
Government healthcare saved McConnell’s life when he was a child suffering from polio.  Without the March of Dimes’ assistance, McConnell may not be here today.
Now he wants to strip his constituents of their healthcare all to further line the pockets of the wealthy.  McConnell is up for reelection in 2020.  Kentucky voters are waking up, and realizing he’s only in it for himself.
Do you think McConnell will lose his seat in 2020?

Got this published today in the local paper.
When the number of American citizens without health insurance goes up, it not good news for anyone, and here’s why, and it dates back to 1986. It’s called The Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act or “EMTALA”. EMTALA is a federal law that requires anyone coming to an emergency department to be stabilized and treated, regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay. It was signed into law in 1986 by President Ronald Reagan and has remained an unfunded mandate ever since. An unfunded mandate is a statute or regulation that, in this case, requires public individuals or organizations (hospitals and medical care professionals) to perform certain services to others, with no money provided for fulfilling the requirements. Got that? It’s a law that requires hospitals and their employees to give free health care, but only if the person’s life is in danger or they are in active labor and have no means to pay. Of course this law only applies to any hospital that participates with Medicare, so the hospital could opt out of an insurance program that covers more than 55 Million American citizens.
EMTALA will not cover preventative care, medical supervision of any sort, or medication to prevent an individual from requiring emergency treatment. It will not cover the low cost insulin treatments needed by a diabetic or routine medical checkup of their medical status, but it will cover the extraordinarily high costs of a hospital emergency department treatment for insulin shock or the equally extraordinarily cost of a necessary leg amputation because of improper care of a person’s diabetes. EMETLA will not cover prenatal care, but it will cover a high risk delivery caused by the lack of prenatal care. I am not asking you to agree with this or make sense of it. I am simply reporting the facts.
In short, EMTALA ignores the words of Ben Franklin who wrote, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” EMTALA ignores any sort of prevention, the economic savings as well as the reduction in human suffering. Of course, we could eliminate EMTALA entirely, resulting in thousands of sick and injured poor people dying each month simply because they are poor. How that would make America great again is a mystery to me.
How does the hospital recoup the financial losses from giving away free treatment? The answer is obvious: it simply charges those with insurance more, to cover those without. That is why your aspirin costs you $50, the box of tissues at your bedside cost you $10, and the medical procedure anywhere else in the developed world would cost $5,000 but here in the USA, it costs $7,000.
We see reports that repeal and replacement ACA will result in 20-24 Million American citizens without insurance. Republicans say that these citizens will still get health care, and they are correct. These people will still be legally allowed to receive expensive and preventable emergency treatment that could have otherwise have been avoided had they had medical insurance that paid for far more economical preventative care. However, Republicans are fiercely opposed to the entitlement of free preventative care even though it will and has resulted in much more expensive entitlements of emergency care that ultimately will be paid for by the rest of us, all thanks to a law signed by Ronald Reagan.
John May  Franklin MA
Franklin Democratic Town Committee.

None of us can remain silent.
Click here to send a free fax to Senate Republicans right now:

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