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Monday, May 15, 2017

CounterCurrents: How Do You Degrow An Economy, Without Causing Chaos?

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How Do You Degrow An Economy, Without Causing Chaos?
by Jonathan Rutherford 

Today, across the world we are miles away from the necessary political and cultural awareness needed for such a transition. It is likely that the coming oil crunch and global financial contraction will aid our cause and encourage more people to see the sense in localism and de-growth – but, until then, activists must doggedly go on raising awareness wherever they can. Even if it does not feel like it, every conversation counts!

The Future Is A Pluriverse
by David Bollier 

The transition of “commonification” will likely be bumpy, if only because the current masters of the universe will not readily cede their power and prerogatives. They will be incapable of recognizing a “competing” worldview and social order.  But the costs of maintaining the antiquated Old Order are becoming increasingly prohibitive.  The capital expense, coercion, organizational complexities, and ecological instability are growing even as popular trust in the market/state and its political legitimacy is declining.

The World For Ransome: The Effects of Wannacry
by Dr Binoy Kampmark 

Entities such as the Patients’ Association in Britain have condemned the outfit behind the attack, but also noted that the entire establishment remained green and inadequately prepared. Unprotected and unbacked, software left unsupported by developers is fit for the dustbin of history.  In the meantime, the catastrophe stemming from future attacks is easy to envisage.

Left Liberals And Counter-History
by Gaither Stewart 

The thinking person must intuit that the system must be overturned. Was Germany not utterly destroyed after the Nazi experiment? Italy devastated? Today America stands in line. Trump may be the last chance for the “great American revolution” that has never been.

Prominent Lawyer Prashant Bhushan Urges Indian Government to Stop Commercialisation of GM Mustard 
by Colin Todhunter 

GM mustard is being promoted on the basis of the lie that it will increase yield. However, the government itself admits there’s no evidence that it will do so. In a letter to Anil Dave, India’s environment minister, presented below, advocate Prashant Bhushan says that conclusions were drawn and disseminated to mean that GM Mustard DMH 11 is a superior hybrid-making technology that will out-yield India’s best non-GMO hybrids and varieties. But he adds that non-GMO hybrids and varieties out-yield HT DMH 11 hands down

RSS Rolls On Nazi Racist Project Of Producing ‘Aryan’ Babies In India
by Shamsul Islam 

According to press reports, one of the RSS offshoots, Garbh Vigyan Sanskar (Uterus Science Culture), following the Vedic preaching and post-World War II experiments in Germany, is conducting live trials in many parts of India for producing ‘fair’ and ‘tall’ ‘customised’ babies.

The Film Bahubali Amidst An Ethos of Hinduism
by Vidyadhar Date 

Bahubali represents a completely morbid, aggressive world view though its supporters could always argue otherwise. Films like Bahubali also help legitimize a culture of cruelty which a section of society wants to inflict on another and suggest that it is something natural.

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