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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

RSN: Gabriel Sherman | Roger and Me

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Gabriel Sherman | Roger and Me 
Roger Ailes. (photo: Catrina Genovese/Getty Images) 
Gabriel Sherman, New York Magazine 
Sherman writes: "For the past six years, ever since I began researching a biography of Roger Ailes, there probably hasn't been a day when I haven't thought or talked about him." 
David Sirota | Elizabeth Warren Talks Possible Donald Trump Impeachment, Supports Single-Payer Healthcare 
David Sirota, International Business Times 
Excerpt: "The question now has got to be what are we going to do going forward. It's the threat that Donald Trump poses every single day - a threat that he keeps magnifying at every opportunity. So that's where I am keeping 100 percent of my attention; I just don't have anything leftover for looking backwards." 
Supreme Court Strikes Down North Carolina Congressional District Maps 
Ariane de Vogue, CNN 
de Vogue writes: "The Supreme Court struck down two congressional district maps in North Carolina Monday, holding that the state had engaged in an unconstitutional racial gerrymander." 
America's Obsession With Rooting Out Communism Is Making a Comeback 
Julia Carrie Wong, Guardian UK 
Wong writes: "Anti-communist language remains on the books in several states, and in California at least, it's not going anywhere." 
Turkey Summons US Ambassador to Protest 'Aggressive' Handling of Turkish Bodyguards 
Emily Shugerman, The Independent 
Shugerman writes: "Bodyguards for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan were involved in a brawl last week when the president visited the White House. Nine people were injured and two were arrested in the flare-up between bodyguards and anti-Erdogan protestors. The Turkish Foreign Ministry now says the US ambassador has been given a 'written and verbal protest' over the US's handling of the situation." 
Brazil President Insists: 'I Won't Resign, Oust Me if You Want' 
Excerpt: "Brazilian President Michel Temer said he will not step down even if he is formally indicted by the Supreme Court amid a corruption scandal and large demonstrations calling for his resignation." 
Virginia Pipeline Opponents Adopt Divestment Model Used Against Coal, Dakota Access 
Mark Hand, ThinkProgress 
Hand writes: "Opponents of a proposed natural gas pipeline in Virginia are starting a divestment campaign, a tactic that has grown in popularity among climate and anti-pipeline activists in recent years, to persuade banks to end their financing of the Mountain Valley Pipeline." 

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