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Friday, June 2, 2017

Ailing Elephant Hauled Around and Forced to Give Rides


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Tell Golden Ring Circus to Stop Exploiting Nosey, Who's Endured Painful Abuse for Years

Nosey has been denied adequate veterinary care, denied food, and shackled in chains so short that she barely could take a single step—but your actions are working, and minds are changing.

Bill Maher Goes Apolitical to Save Dogs in Distress at Texas A&M University

Bill Maher has made a career of pushing boundaries with his comedy and political commentary—and he also happens to be a strong supporter of animal rights. Remember the cruel cat laboratory at the University of Wisconsin–Madison? Bill’s wasone of the voices that brought much-needed public attention to the issue and, ultimately, helped PETA get that terrible lab closed down, ending the suffering of cats there.
Now he’s raising his voice once again—this time, for the sake of golden retrievers at Texas A&M University (TAMU) who are being bred to develop different types of muscular dystrophy, including Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which is particularly severe. These diseases ravage their bodies, causing progressive muscle wasting and weakness. The dogs may also have seizures and respiratory issues, and they often lose the ability to stand or walk. TAMU alumnus and Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill also sent a letter to his alma mater’s president in behalf of the dogs in distress there.

Published on Jun 1, 2017
Bill Maher assails Texas A&M University's Joe Kornegay for his 35 years of deplorable breeding of and ineffective muscular dystrophy experiments on trusting golden retrievers.

The man in charge of the experiments is TAMU’s Joe Kornegay. He has been experimenting on dogs for 35 years. But animals are not ours to experiment on, and it’s past time that TAMU acknowledged this and took suitable action.
After decades of tests on generations of debilitated and suffering dogs, there’s still no cure or treatment to reverse the course of this terrible disease in humans. So children afflicted with Duchenne muscular dystrophy continue to suffer. Analysis of muscular dystrophy studies using dogs has shown that there are serious pitfalls when trying to apply those results to humans.
Cutting-edge techniques that don’t involve experimenting on animals are available: Using skin cells from muscular dystrophy patients to develop disease-specific cures, developing ways to grow healthy human muscle cells, and creating human-relevant drug-screening platforms have led to the development of more promising therapies.

What You Can Do

Please urge TAMU to close its dog laboratories, stop breeding muscular dystrophy–afflicted dogs, release all dogs for adoption into good homes, and redirect resources toward humane research methods.

SOS Rabbit

Your Gift Doubles for Rabbits

Angora rabbits are still being abused for their soft fur—right now, your gift to help them will go twice as far.

Horses Drugged to Mask Pain of Agonizing Injuries so That They Can Be Forced to Race

Send an e-mail to your congressional representative urging him or her to cosponsor a bipartisan bill that would help get drugs out of the horse racing industry. It's a matter of life or death for these horses.
Turtle in Road

5 Steps for Rescuing Turtles on the Road

Turtles are on the move once the weather gets warm—but sometimes, a road or a highway stands between them and their destination. We have the tips (and a handy video) to help you rescue them safely.

Mohan the Tiger Denied Proper Veterinary Care at Sham Sanctuary

Video footage captured Mohan's walk, and it was clear that this geriatric tiger's every step was a struggle. One goose at this pseudo-sanctuary was even killed by a larger goose after they were separated by just a low fence, even though the owners knew that the birds were incompatible.

Thousands of People Have Called to Try to Stop Animal Acts at Garden Bros. Circus

People are calling venues and asking them to require that scheduled Garden Bros. performances go forward without animals, and thousands have messaged the circus online—but we won't stop until all animals are free. Now anothervenue is planning to host this cruel circus. Comment on the Budweiser Events Center's Instagram account and message the venue on Facebook to urge it to require that its scheduled circus performances not use animals in the acts.

Calves Branding

Cows in Leather Industry Sometimes Skinned While Still Conscious

H&M claims that no animal should ever suffer in the name of fashion. Yet the company sells leather. Cows bred and killed for leather commonly endure branding, tail-docking, dehorning, and castration without painkillers—tell H&M to stop selling the skins of animals today.
Global Compassion Fund

Help Spread Compassion for Animals Around the Globe

Badly neglected horses in the Philippines are given veterinary care for the first time in their lives. Dogs and cats in Ukraine are spayed or neutered to reduce the number of homeless animals abandoned on the streets. Local animal activists persuade hundreds of people to swear off deadly bullfights in Mexico. All this work is supported by PETA's Global Compassion Fund—and now youcan be a part of it.
Sexiest Vegan Next Door 2017

VOTE: The 'Sexiest Vegan Next Door' Contest 2017 Finalists

Browse the photos and bios and then help us decide who should be named this year's Sexiest Vegan Next Door.
bulletAsk Maritime Travel and Transat A.T. to Stop Selling SeaWorld Tickets
bulletLet's Urge Four Seasons to Stop Forcing Elephants to Give Rides
bulletUrge Deer Haven Mini Zoo to Retire Suffering Animals to Reputable Sanctuaries Immediately
bulletTell the State College Spikes: No More Cruel 'Monkey Rodeos'

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