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Saturday, June 10, 2017

CounterCurrents: Reminders of Hope

Dear Friend,

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In Solidarity

Binu Mathew

William Goldwin, We Need Your Voice Today!
by John Scales Avery 

William Godwin, believer in liberty, individual judgement, absolute honesty and unselfish service to humanity as a whole, we need your voice today!

U.S. “Jihadi Express”: Indonesia – Afghanistan – Syria – Philippines
by Andre Vltchek 

Those who think that it is “all about oil” are mistaken.  The West is of course trying to control, fully and brutally, all that moves in the Middle East, North Africa and as far as Iran and Afghanistan. But that’s definitely not all: jihadi groups, created by the West and its allies in the Gulf, have been used to destabilize the two greatest adversaries of the West: Russia and China.

Reminders of Hope
by Romi Mahajan 

Each person must find his or her own reminders but, I repeat, you must seek them regularly. Thank you Countercurrents for highlighting- daily- these glimmers of hope that one day will be as bright as the sun.

Who Are The Green, Yellow And Red Militants In Syria?
by Nauman Sadiq

In order to simplify the Syrian theater of proxy wars, it can be divided into three separate and distinct zones: that are, the Syrian government-controlled areas, the regions administered by the Syrian Kurds and the areas that have been occupied by the Syrian opposition.

End 50 Years Of Genocidal Occupation & Human Rights Abuse By US-Backed Apartheid Israel
by Dr Gideon Polya 

50 years after the June 1967 Israeli conquest of all of Palestine, the US Alliance-backed, invasion-, occupation- , theft- , genocide-, lying- and race-based pariah state of Apartheid Israel still comprehensively violates all basic human rights of the Occupied Palestinians. The Zionist ethnic cleansing of 90% of Palestine means that the Two-State Solution is dead and demands comprehensive Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against genocidally racist, nuclear terrorist Apartheid Israel and all its supporters.

Cattle Being Herded In A Heat
by Richard Oxman 

In the few cases where we’ve asked the question, the dreams of youngsters expressed haven’t been anything that Joyce, Goethe or any wise Chinese elder would approve of. Talk about cattle being herded in a heat.

How Can You Hate Hitler And Be Ugly About Folks Right At Home?
by Sukumaran C V 

2014 marked the 70th anniversary of the victory of democracy over fascism. And it was the year in which Hindutva forces unequivocally gained political power over India that emboldened the obscurantist elements to flog people publicly for skinning dead cows. When I see the less privileged and the downtrodden are terrorised by the might of our ‘democratic’ state, when I see writers are not allowed to express what they want to express, I doubt whether the largest democracy in the world is being vanquished by fascism or not.

India’s Healthcare System Needs An Overhaul
by Ashish Singh 

A report published by Forbes on 11 September 2014 still stands true as not much has changed in the access to healthcare in India. According to World Health Organization’s 2000 World Health Report ranking India’s healthcare system at 112 out of 190 countries. The below paragraph is based on a friend’s recent experience when he was spending time and energy for the treatment of his aunt.

Death Of A Dalit Youth While Cleaning Sewage Tank
Fact-Finding Report 

A report on the murder of of Dalit Youth Prithviraj by making him go down to clean a Sewage Tank at the housing complex (Jatti Dwarakamayi Villa) owned by family of India’s former Vice-President Shri B. D. Jatti

Gujarat Police Bruatality Against Narmada Bachao Andolan
by National Alliance of People’s Movements 

The students from Salsabeel Green School, Thrissur, 4 of who were minors, were dragged out of the government jeep and beaten up, fracturing one of the kid’s arm, trying to force them to get down at a barren place, near Nanpur, district Alirajpur, MP.

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