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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Make America Great Again?


We're Going To Do What?
• We’re going to Make America Great Again by invading the privacy of women’s bodies and the sanctity of their most private medical decisions? Instead the federal government will be in charge of making these decisions?
• We’re going to Make America Great Again by rounding up people like animals?
• We’re going to Make America Great Again by writing laws that allow bigots to discriminate against LGBTQ people in the name of ‘Religious Liberty?’
• We’re going to Make America Great Again by ripping away health care from 30,000,000 people and with the assured outcome of going back to discriminating against sick people who have ‘pre-existing conditions?’ We’re going to cause 24,000 Americans to needlessly die every year because Republicans have turned health care into a political game that they must win for the sake of their party? Can you imagine how the country would mobilize if terrorists killed 24,000 Americans per year? We would stop at nothing. We would spend trillions. What is the difference? A death is a death.
• We’re going to Make America Great Again by profiling and tracking adherents of an entire religion thus putting all of them under a veil of suspicion?
• We’re going to Make America Great Again by privatizing Social Security and Medicare which by its very nature turns these funds over to the volatile, for-profit Wall Street sector? We’re going to put the elderly, who are highly vulnerable in the hands of cut throat capitalists whose only objective is profit?
• We’re going to Make America Great Again by ratifying the draconian, social Darwinist ‘Ryan Budget’ based on the daydreams of someone who worships Ayn Rand and has said he bases his entire economic philosophy on her philosophy? We’re going to ‘balance the budget’ on the backs of the most vulnerable Americans in every category? We’re going to take food off their dinner tables to pay for bogus wars based on lies and reckless Wall Street gambling?
• We’re going to Make America Great Again by labeling black people as criminals and gangsters because they are tired of getting shot and killed by dirty cops over nothing?
• We’re going to Make America Great Again by granting access to white supremacists like Steve Bannon to the Oval Office itself? A person who has made up crazy conspiracy theories about Democrats specifically for years? There’s just something God awful wrong about that. It’s sickening actually.
• We’re going to Make America Great Again by turning over Medicaid to the states in the form of ‘block grants,’ which experts have shown will deprive the poorest of the poor of health care?
• We’re going to Make America Great Again by demonizing the press and stepping all over the first amendment, thus making the only ‘news’ outlets people believe are those like Alex Jones, Fox ‘News,’ Rush Limbaugh, Breitbart ‘News,’ and other right-wing extremist propaganda outlets that spew lies and options based on fear and emotion but have nothing to do with reality?
• We’re going to Make America Great Again by denying climate science as a matter of national policy and setting the planet on an even faster course towards widespread human suffering and death?
• We’re going to Make America Great Again by giving those who need it the least more tax cuts and adding to the tax bills of those who can least afford it? We’re going to take away tax breaks like earned income credit from the poorest of the poor?
• We’re going to Make America Great Again by allowing private prisons to exist and flourish thus putting a profit incentive behind locking people up? Not only that, everyone knows that the rich don’t get locked up. The poor do. The rich can afford lawyers. Court appointed attorneys will provide you with what you paid for ... nothing.
• We’re going to Make America Great Again by installing people to cabinet positions who want to wipe out and destroy the departments they’re in charge of?
• We’re going to Make America Great Again decimating public education and gradually privatizing all of it? You know what that means. The rich will get a quality education. The poor and middle class won’t. Oh and it’s easy to see how we could go back to ‘white only’ schools. Bigots have been furious about that for decades. Depriving them of their federally subsidized ‘white only’ schools is what caused them to rise up and establish the modern “Christian” Right.
• We’re going to Make America Great Again trampling all over the rights and wishes of Native Americans by resuming the building of the North Dakota pipeline as soon as Trump is installed?
• We’re going to Make America Great Again stacking the Supreme court with right-wing extremist, activist judges who will slant the court for decades?
• We’re going to Make America Great Again taking the policy boilerplate of states like Sam Brownback’s Kansas and imposing it on the entire country, assuring the same outcome, the wholesale destruction of all civic institutions and services throughout the entire country, throwing just about everything into utter chaos?
• We’re going to Make America Great Again by allowing nutcases like Mike Pence to have their hands on the levers of lawmaking and government? The man who says birth control is ‘too modern and newfangled’ for him to understand and who wanted to force women who had abortions or miscarriages to conduct funerals for the fetuses? This almost takes the cake on this whole disastrous mess if it wasn’t for all the other things literally causing the death of thousands of Americans. It’s just nutty, and this man is Vice President!
• We’re going to Make America Great Again by continuing to erode decades worth of human effort and suffering to assure that all Americans have the right to vote that right isn’t infringed upon by ridiculous actions like eliminating poll locations, demanding special voter ID’s and all the other petty methods Republicans use to suppress the vote?
• We’re going to Make America Great Again by allowing people like Jeff Sessions, our new Attorney General and a well-known bigot, homophobe, and right-wing extremist, to take our Federal Law infrastructure back to the thirties?
• We’re going to Make America Great Again by throwing out the Iran Deal, moving the Capital of Israel to Jerusalem, encouraging the continued building of Jewish settlements in the occupied territories, and abandoning the Two-State Solution? All of this will pretty much assure World War Three, the final war.
You would think Christians would be lining up to oppose Trump and the republicans. They’re not. They support him. We are one of a small handful of Christian organizations left who haven’t been brainwashed. Most Christians accept that right-wing ideology and Christianity go hand in hand. The truth is they couldn’t be more opposite.
We’re fighting for the survival of the faith in the US. This community is available for Christian progressives and their allies to gather, discuss the issues of the day, form action plans, and mobilize, as well as receive comfort, knowledge, reassurance and strength from one another.
All of it requires a great deal of human effort and personal sacrifice, and we’re happy to serve you. This is our 8th year of doing so. If you want to see this effort continue, if you see value in our work and you’re personally blessed by it, do what you can to support it today. For those who simply don’t have the means for even a small donation, we understand. For those who do here’s how:…/we-need-your-involvem…

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