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Saturday, June 3, 2017

RSN: Andy Borowitz | Calling Earth a "Loser," Trump Vows to Make Better Deal With New Planet

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Andy Borowitz | Calling Earth a "Loser," Trump Vows to Make Better Deal With New Planet 
Donald Trump announces the U.S. will be leaving the Paris Agreement from the White House Rose Garden. (photo: T. J. Kirkpatrick/Getty) 
Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker 
Borowitz writes: "In a dramatic announcement from the White House Rose Garden on Thursday, Donald J. Trump pronounced the planet Earth a 'loser' and vowed to make a better deal with a new planet." 
Special Prosecutor Probe Expands to Michael Flynn's Ties to Turkey 
Nathan Layne, Mark Hosenball and Julia Edwards Ainsley, Reuters 
Excerpt: "Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating possible ties between the Trump election campaign and Russia, is expanding his probe to assume control of a grand jury investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn, three sources told Reuters." 
Cory Booker Breaks With Dems to Defend Jared Kushner After Receiving Thousands in Donations From Him 
David Sirota, International Business Times 
Sirota writes: "New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker - a potential 2020 White House contender and recipient of major campaign contributions from Jared Kushner and others in the Kushner family - declined to endorse his party's call for the White House to revoke the security clearance of the president's son-in-law." 
He Was About to Pick Up His Newborn Son After Surgery When He Was Arrested by ICE 
Marcelo Rochabrun, ProPublica 
Rochabrun writes: "The move to detain Oscar Millan is a sign that the Trump administration is delivering on its promise to strictly follow longstanding immigration laws to maximize its ability to deport people living unlawfully in the United States." 
California Senate Passes Single-Payer Health Care Plan 
Katy Murphy, The Mercury News 
Murphy writes: "As a legislative deadline loomed, California senators Thursday - in some cases, reluctantly - voted to pass a $400 billion plan to create a government-run health care system." 
After US Bombs Syrian Government for Third Time in 8 Months, Media Ask Few Questions 
Ben Norton, FAIR 
Norton writes: "The United States has bombed Syrian government–allied forces three times in just eight months. Major media outlets have overwhelmingly failed to ask critical questions about these incidents, preferring instead to echo the Pentagon." 
Trump vs. Planet Earth 
Jeff Goodell, Rolling Stone 
Goodell writes: "The outrage over Trump's move runs deep because the Paris climate deal was never about just the climate. It was also about unity, equality, trust, sympathy - in short, all the qualities that make it possible for seven billion human beings to live together peacefully on the planet." 

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