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Sunday, June 11, 2017

RSN: Charles Pierce | Everybody in Washington Knows the Disaster Is Coming mike fl

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11 June 17 AM
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Charles Pierce | Everybody in Washington Knows the Disaster Is Coming 
Donald Trump. (photo: Getty Images)
Charles Pierce, Esquire
Pierce writes: "Eventually, though, the questioning got around to about Comey's testimony on Thursday. He opened his remarks with a dead-on Tonto imitation."
Michael Flynn, Russia and a Grand Scheme to Build Nuclear Power Plants in Saudi Arabia
Jeff Stein, Newsweek
Stein writes: "By the time Michael Flynn was fired as President Donald Trump's national security adviser in February, he had made a lot of bad decisions."
Why Are 13 Republican Men Writing the Health Care Bill in Secret?
Michael A. Cohen, The Boston Globe
Cohen writes: "What Senate Republicans are trying to do to American health care is the scandal, outrage, 'you've got to be kidding me' moment that we all need to be talking about."
Greg Gianforte to Plead Guilty for Assaulting Guardian Reporter
Julia Carrie Wong, Guardian UK
Wong writes: "The Montana Republican Greg Gianforte plans to plead guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge for 'body-slamming' the Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs, according to the Gallatin county attorney Marty Lambert."
Jeremy Corbyn's Honest Approach to Terrorism Gave Him the Edge - and the US Needs to Learn From Him
Eoinn Higgins, New York Daily News
Higgins writes: "During the run up to Thursday's snap election in the United Kingdom, two terror attacks threatened to derail the narrative and throw the country into chaos."
Trump Celebrates LGBT Pride by Speaking at Anti-LGBT Conference
Michael Martin, Metro
Martin writes: "After failing to proclaim June as National Pride Month, President Trump made his first commemoration of the global tribute to gay rights: By speaking at an anti-LGBT conference."
Water Protectors Go to Europe to Enlighten Banks of DAPL Danger
Excerpt: "VOA News reported that one of the group's objectives is to hit corporations and banks where it hurts most: in their pockets."

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