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Thursday, June 1, 2017

RSN: Garrison Keillor | It Was So Good to Have Trump Gone

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Garrison Keillor | It Was So Good to Have Trump Gone 
President Trump touches the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City on May 22. (photo: Ronen Zvulun/EPA) 
Garrison Keillor, The Washington Post 
Keillor writes: "It was a great relief to have Mr. Twitter out of the country for nine whole days, and the entire country felt it, like when your neighbor with the busted muffler goes away for a while and takes his yappy dog with him, and you realize what a beautiful thing common civility can be." 
Portland Stabbing Suspect: "You Call It Terrorism. I Call It Patriotism!" 
Matthew Rozsa, Salon 
Rozsa writes: "Prior to his attacks against the three train passengers, Jeremy Joseph Christian was perhaps best known for his participation in an April 'Free Speech' march in Portland. While there, Christian is reported to have chanted the N-word while draping himself in an American flag. He also posted a Facebook video at the time which showed himself performing a Nazi salute." 
Bill McKibben on Trump Pulling Out of Paris Agreement: "It Ranks up There With the Worst Decisions in American Political History" 
Sabrina Siddiqui and Lauren Gambino, Guardian UK 
Excerpt: "The environmental activist and author Bill McKibben said if reports were true, the president's planned move amounted to 'an incredibly stupid decision' that would isolate the US not simply among its allies but much of the world." 
Amnesty International: Did $1 Billion Worth of Lost US Weapons End Up in the Hands of ISIS? 
Democracy Now! 
Excerpt: "A newly declassified Pentagon audit shows the U.S. Army failed to keep track of more than $1 billion worth of weapons and military equipment sent to Iraq and Kuwait, including tens of thousands of assault rifles and hundreds of armored vehicles." 
Activists Investigating Ivanka Trump Brands' Poor Working Conditions in China Have Gone Missing 
Simon Denyer, The Washington Post 
Denyer writes: "A labor activist researching working conditions in a Chinese factory that makes shoes for Ivanka Trump's label has been detained by police, according to his wife and a labor advocacy group, while two others have gone missing and are presumed also to have been detained." 
Mike Flynn's Firm Was Paid to Make a Pro-Erdogan Propaganda Film While He Advised Trump 
Adam K. Raymond, New York Magazine 
Raymond writes: "Last year, when former national security adviser Michael Flynn's consulting firm was paid more than a half million dollars to work on behalf of Turkey, it was, at least in part, to fund the production of a documentary discrediting Fethullah Gulen, the exiled cleric accused by Turkey's president Recep Tayyip Erdogan of orchestrating a 2016 coup attempt." 
Heather Von St. James | I Lost My Lung to Asbestos. I Fear What Trump Will Do to America's Health 
Heather Von St. James, Guardian UK 
Von St. James writes: "Ever since I learned that mesothelioma, the terminal cancer I was diagnosed with when my baby girl was just three and a half months old, was caused by asbestos - a substance I thought had been banned - I have been fighting to bring awareness to this deadly disease and the dangers of asbestos exposure." 

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