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Friday, June 9, 2017

RSN: Jeffrey Toobin | James Comey's Remarkable Story About Donald Trump

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Jeffrey Toobin | James Comey's Remarkable Story About Donald Trump 
Former FBI director James Comey testifying in Washington on May 3, 2017. (photo: AP) 
Jeffrey Toobin, The New Yorker 
Toobin writes: "President Trump appears to be guilty of obstruction of justice. That's the only rational conclusion to be reached if James Comey's opening statement for his planned testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, on Thursday, is to be believed." 
Comey Testimony Raises New Questions About Jeff Sessions and Russia 
Arnie Seipel, NPR 
Seipel writes: "Former FBI director James Comey may have done more damage to Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday than even President Trump, whom Comey publicly accused of waving him off part of the Russia investigation." 
Trump Wants to Start Charging Stores to Accept Food Stamps 
Ylan Mui, CNBC 
Mui writes: "The White House proposal to overhaul the U.S. food stamp program - and the deep cuts it would make to benefits for the poorest households - has sparked public outrage on both sides of the aisle. But there's another change tucked into the proposal that businesses say caught them off guard - and could wind up costing them more than $2 billion." 
House Votes to Dismantle Key Dodd-Frank Regulations 
Casey Quinlan, ThinkProgress 
Quinlan writes: "The House overwhelmingly voted on Thursday to kill 2010 Dodd-Frank financial regulations." 
Jury Awards $6.7M to Inmate Raped by Guard in Milwaukee County Jail, Shackled During Childbirth
John Diedrich, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 
Diedrich writes: "A federal jury Wednesday awarded $6.7 million to a woman who was raped repeatedly by a guard when she was being held in the Milwaukee County Jail four years ago." 
The Movement in Corbyn's Wake 
Excerpt: "Jeremy Corbyn proves you can run a traditional left campaign and energize young people. The future is ours." 
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Receives Prestigious Award + $1 Million Investment to Transition Away From Fossil Fuels 
Wallace Global Fund 
Excerpt: "The Wallace Global Fund awarded the inaugural Henry A. Wallace Award and a $250,000 prize to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe for its unyielding courage in the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline, and its dedication to transitioning to renewable energy. In addition to the $250,000 prize, the tribe will receive up to a $1 million investment from the Wallace Global Fund to support its transition toward fossil fuel independence." 

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