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Friday, June 9, 2017

RSN: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar | No, Bill Maher Shouldn't Be Fired for Using the N-Word

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar | No, Bill Maher Shouldn't Be Fired for Using the N-Word 
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. (photo: The Mercatus Center/George Mason University) 
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, The Hollywood Reporter 
Abdul-Jabbar writes: "Lenny Bruce's dream that we could defuse the word-bomb is still far from a reality. Which is why Bill Maher's joking use of it on the June 2 edition of Real Time has caused such a backlash." 
James Comey Says FBI Russia Probe May Reach Donald Trump Personally 
Andrew Desiderio and Spencer Ackerman, The Daily Beast 
Excerpt: "James Comey may have told the president he wasn't personally under criminal investigation. Others high up in the FBI had a somewhat different opinion." 
Harvey Wasserman | Donald Trump & Andrew Cuomo Are Brothers in Reactor Disaster 
Harvey Wasserman, Reader Supported News 
Wasserman writes: "Donald Trump and New York governor Andrew Cuomo have joined forces in destroying our economy and environment." 
Trump's Pick for FBI Director Was Alerted Early to CIA Torture and Remained Silent 
Carol Rosenberg, Miami Herald 
Rosenberg writes: "President Donald Trump's choice for FBI director was notified months before the public knew about the death of a detainee at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq in 2004, and was at the very least on the fringes of discussions on the legality of military interrogation techniques in 2003." 
Trump's Wild Propaganda Worked: New Hampshire Just Passed the Ugliest Voter Suppression Law 
Mark Joseph Stern, Slate 
Stern writes: "New Hampshire residents who register to vote within 30 days of an election may soon find an unexpected presence at their door: state investigators and law enforcement officers demanding proof that they live in the state. And for that, they can probably thank Donald Trump." 
Watchdog: In Chicago, a Property Tax System That Harmed the Poor and Helped the Rich. 
Jason Grotto, Chicago Tribune 
Grotto writes: "Chicago has long been a city divided by race and class, a metropolis with starkly different crime rates, economic realities and educational opportunities depending on where you live. But there's another division in Chicago and Cook County, one that for years has gone unexamined even as it pits rich against poor." 
Hawaii Becomes First State to Enact Law That Aligns With Paris Agreement 
Julia Jacobo, ABC News 
Jacobo writes: "Hawaii has become the first state to enact a law that aligns with the Paris agreement after its governor signed two bills into law Tuesday that 'support the commitments and goals' of the accord, Gov. David Ige's office announced Tuesday." 

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