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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

RSN: Rebecca Solnit | Victories Against Trump Are Mounting. Here's How We Deal the Final Blow

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19 June 17 PM
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Rebecca Solnit | Victories Against Trump Are Mounting. Here's How We Deal the Final Blow 
'Taking action is the best cure for despair.' (photo: Barcroft Images/UPI)
Rebecca Solnit, Guardian UK
Solnit writes: "This crisis could be the death or the recovery of a more democratic, more inclusive, more generous America. Where we go from here is up to us."
Supreme Court to Hear Potentially Landmark Case on Partisan Gerrymandering
Robert Barnes, The Washington Post
Barnes writes: "The Supreme Court declared Monday that it will consider whether gerrymandered election maps favoring one political party over another violate the Constitution, a potentially fundamental change in the way American elections are conducted."
Nabra Hassanen: 17-Year-Old Muslim Girl Abducted and Killed on Way Home From Virginia Mosque
Creede Newton, Al Jazeera
Newton writes: "Washington, DC - Police have found what are believed to be the remains of a 17-year-old Muslim female who was abducted overnight after leaving her local mosque in Sterling, Virginia, near Washington, DC."
Data on 198 Million Voters Exposed by GOP Contractor
Joe Uchill, The Hill
Uchill writes: "A data analytics contractor employed by the Republican National Committee (RNC) left databases containing information on nearly 200 million potential voters exposed to the internet without security, allowing anyone who knew where to look to download it without a password."
June 19 Should Be a National Holiday
Jonah Walters, Jacobin
Walters writes: "Two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation, slavery had finally come to an end in Texas. That day - June 19, 1865 - would come to be celebrated by black Americans all over the country, who remember Juneteenth as the anniversary of their historic triumph over the planter class. It should be a national holiday."
Subcomandante Marcos Turns 60: The Life of Mexico's Zapatista Resistance Leader
Ramiro S. FĂșnez, teleSUR
FĂșnez writes: "Marcos' transition from being an academic to an armed combatant began on October 2, 1968, when up to 400 students and civilians were assassinated by Mexican police and military in what is known as the Tlatelolco massacre. The slain students and civilians had held mass peaceful protests against the Mexican government over its harsh treatment of previous student protests against state repression and corruption."
A Third of the World Now Faces Deadly Heatwaves as Result of Climate Change
Oliver Milman, Guardian UK
Milman writes: "Nearly a third of the world's population is now exposed to climatic conditions that produce deadly heatwaves, as the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere makes it 'almost inevitable' that vast areas of the planet will face rising fatalities from high temperatures, new research has found."

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