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Sunday, June 18, 2017

RSN: Robert Reich | The Question Isn't Whether or Not Trump Has Committed an Impeachable Offense. It's Whether or Not Congress Will Act.

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17 June 17 PM
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Robert Reich | The Question Isn't Whether or Not Trump Has Committed an Impeachable Offense. It's Whether or Not Congress Will Act. 
Robert Reich. (photo: unknown) 
Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Facebook Page 
Reich writes: "President Donald Trump's Washington hotel saw almost $20 million in revenue during its first few months of operation - a period that coincided with his election and inauguration. His Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, which he's visited seven times as president, pulled in millions of dollars more than it had previously." 
David Sirota | Donald Trump Owes at Least $315 Million to Financial Firms, Some of Which Are Lobbying the Federal Government 
David Sirota, International Business Times 
Sirota writes: "Financial disclosure documents released Friday by the Office of Government Ethics shed new light on President Trump's finances, even as he refuses to release his tax returns. The documents show that Trump owes hundreds of millions of dollars to major financial institutions - some with business before Trump's administration." 
Standing Rock Sioux Chair on Militarized Repression and Ongoing Lawsuit to Stop Dakota Access Pipeline 
Dave Archambault, Nick Tilsen and Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! 
Excerpt: "The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has won a major legal victory in federal court which may have the power to force the shutdown of the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline. District Judge James Boasberg ruled Wednesday that the Trump administration failed to conduct an adequate environmental review of the pipeline, after President Trump ordered the Army Corps to fast-track and greenlight its approval." 
Trump Is Quietly Expanding All of Obama's Wars 
Abigail Tracy, Vanity Fair 
Tracy writes: "On the campaign trail, Donald Trump pitched Americans on an immiscible foreign-policy agenda, combining elements of staunch isolationism and a rejection of Bush-era interventionism with promises to 'bomb the shit out of ISIS.'" 
Threats to Campus Speech Don't Alarm Media When They Come From the Right 
Eoin Higgins, FAIR 
Higgins writes: "What speech on college campuses is free speech? If you've been following media coverage of college campus unrest over the past few months, you'd be forgiven for thinking the sole threat to freedom of speech on the quad in 2017 comes from a left-wing movement aimed at crushing any dissent from liberal values." 
Hawaii Just Became the First US State to Pass a Bill Supporting Basic Income 
Dom Galeon, Futurism 
Galeon writes: "Earlier this month, Hawaii earned the distinction of being the first in the U.S. to formally accept the provisions of the Paris Climate Agreement after President Donald Trump decided to withdraw the nation from it, and now, Hawaii is taking the lead in embracing yet another innovative idea: universal basic income (UBI)." 
Forget Coal, Solar Will Soon Be Cheaper Than Natural Gas Power 
Joe Romm, ThinkProgress 
Romm writes: "The staggering drop in the cost of clean energy has already upended the global power market over the past two decades - and that trend will only continue for the next two decades, according to new analysis from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF)." 

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