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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

RSN: Russian Agents Hacked US Voting System Manufacturer Before US Election

It's Live on the HomePage Now:
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Russian Agents Hacked US Voting System Manufacturer Before US Election
Red Square in Moscow, Russia. (photo: AfricaPatagonia)
David Smith and Jon Swaine, Guardian UK
Excerpt: "Russian intelligence agents hacked a US voting systems manufacturer in the weeks leading up to last year's presidential election, according to the Intercept, citing what it said was a highly classified National Security Agency (NSA) report."
Conflict of Interest Revealed in Released Financial Disclosures of 349 Trump Officials
Derek Kravitz, Al Shaw, Annie Waldman and Ariana Tobin, ProPublica
Excerpt: "The financial disclosures of Acting Under Secretary of Education James Manning show he previously consulted for USA Funds, an organization that was once the nation's largest student loan guarantor."
Why Not Al Franken?
Laura Miller, Slate
Miller writes: "In 1999, Franken published Why Not Me? The Inside Story of the Making and Unmaking of the Franken Presidency, a parody that, in 2017, looks bizarrely prophetic and suggests just how difficult it has become to separate satire from reality in the age of Trump."
2 Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter for Deadly 'Ghost Ship' Fire
Camila Domonoske, NPR
Domonoske writes: "The 'Ghost Ship,' a warehouse that was used as a residence and performance space, caught fire during a concert and dance party ... 36 people died. Now the Alameda County district attorney has filed 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter against Derick Almena, the manager of the space, and Max Harris, who is accused of planning the event."
Third Noose This Week Found in Washington, DC
Max Greenwood, The Hill
Greenwood writes: "A noose was found at a construction site in southeast Washington on Thursday, police said, marking the third time such an object was found in the District in a week."
1967 War: How Israel Occupied the Whole of Palestine
Zena Tahhan, Al Jazeera
Tahhan writes: "Fifty years ago this week, the state of Israel shocked the world when it seized the remaining Palestinian territories of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza Strip, as well as the Syrian Golan Heights, and the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula, in a matter of six days."
Minnesota Joins States That Support Paris Agreement, Believe in Science
Mike Mullen, City Pages
Mullen writes: "After Trump's ham-fisted, baloney-brained announcement last week, three states - California, Washington, and New York - announced they didn't need the president's permission, and would take the steps to cut their emissions in keeping with Paris, anyway. Today, 10 more states joined the 'U.S. Climate Alliance.'"

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