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Friday, June 16, 2017

RSN: Thomas Piketty | Reagan to the Power of Ten

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Reader Supported News
16 June 17 AM
It's Live on the HomePage Now:
Reader Supported News

Thomas Piketty | Reagan to the Power of Ten

Donald Trump and President Ronald Reagan. (photo: AP)
Thomas Piketty, Le Monde
Piketty writes: "Is Trump a UFO in American history or can he be seen as the continuation of long-term trends? While we have no desire to deny 'Donald's' obvious specificities, including his inimitable art of the tweet, we do have to admit that elements of continuity prevail."
Trump Administration Cancels Program to Protect Immigrant Parents From Deportation
Associated Press
Excerpt: "Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly formally revoked a policy memo that created the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans program. The revocation came on the fifth anniversary of another effort that has protected hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation."
Trump Lashes Out After Reports of Obstruction Probe; Pence Hires a Lawyer
John Wagner and Ashley Parker, The Washington Post
Excerpt: "A heightened sense of unease gripped the White House on Thursday, as President Trump lashed out at reports that he's under scrutiny over whether he obstructed justice, aides repeatedly deflected questions about the probe and Vice President Pence acknowledged hiring a private lawyer to handle fallout from investigations into Russian election meddling."
Trump, Kushner Family Partner a Finalist for $1.7 Billion Contract to Build FBI Headquarters
Bernard Condon, Associated Press
Condon writes: "A company that owns buildings with Donald Trump and the family of Jared Kushner is a finalist for a $1.7 billion contract to build the FBI's new headquarters."
Iraqi Christians Targeted for Deportation Face 'Death Sentence' in Iraq, Lawyers Say
Amanda Holpuch, Guardian UK
Holpuch writes: "Iraqis are being swept up in immigration raids across the US and targeted for deportation by the Trump administration, in a crackdown attorneys and advocates described as a 'death sentence' for members of Iraq's Christian minority."
Israel Attempts to Block Yet Another UN Report, This One Accusing Them of Extrajudicial Killings
Middle East Monitor
Excerpt: "Having succeeded in blocking a recent UN report that accused Israel of maintaining a system of apartheid, Israeli officials are now attempting to remove another UN report, which has charged Tel Aviv with carrying out extrajudicial executions along with a list of other human rights violations."
The World Will Run Out of Breathable Air Unless Carbon Emissions Are Cut
Julie M. Rodriguez, Inhabitat
Rodriguez writes: "According to Sergei Petrovskii, an applied mathematics professor at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom, an unchecked rise in global temperatures could end up drastically reducing the amount of breathable oxygen in the planet's atmosphere, threatening life on Earth as we know it."

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