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Sunday, June 4, 2017

This & that.....

If he hates it so much why does he continually make himself a laughing stock?
Trump is paranoid about ridicule that doesn't exist, and he makes 
decisions based on his desire to stifle laughter that only he can hear.

Source: Black Main Street In his most shocking move since 
becoming president,…


Dear reactionary, isolationist, Republican friends and relatives,
I hope you remember this "America first" bullshit in 10 or 20 years, when China and India have taken over the world economy and leadership of the world, and we really are a second-rate nation – but we'll still have a giant military, so we can still thump our chest and wave our big stick.
Just remember who did this to us: Donald Trump and those who voted for him and then turned a blind eye as he ran us even farther back into the ditch.
George W. Bush put us there; Obama and the Democrats pulled us back out; Trump is driving us right back in, even deeper.
We will be a nation of a few very rich people and the rest of us have-not's. This path, this direction, this effort to destroy America from the inside so that a few people can grow incredibly wealthy at the expense of everyone else really is sad, and so terribly shortsighted.
Nikita Khrushchev was right, but it's not the Soviets who will destroy us – it is we ourselves. How ironic that we feared him, his predecessors, and some who came after him, but now we crawl in bed with the latest, arguably the most dangerous, Russian dictator ever. I would howl with laughter if it weren't so damn sad.
My dad – a decorated veteran of WWII and Korea – must be rolling over in his grave.

Michael O'Donnell America gained the enemies it has do to meddling in other countries affairs. Iran in 1953 with Operation Ajax in cooperation with the British government. 

This was an intervention over oil rights/money/power. Sure the ominous threat of communism was t
he excuse used to justify yet another of many regime changes.

Imagine being held hostage under the thumb of an autocrat by the name Shah Reza Pahlavi from 1953 to 1979. 

Hundreds of thousands died during this reign and nearly one hundred were jailed thanks to the aid of the American CIA.

Manual Noriega of Panama and Saddam Hussein of Iraq, both American made strongmen who got off the leash.

Americas propensity for meddling and regime changing is well known. And just as William Jefferson Clinton and his demonic crime bill with targetted Melinated Americans and opened the door to private for profit prisons. Was done to appease the rightwingnuts of the Greed Over People party and their extra stupid with a side order of dumb as Hell.

Obama couldn't just pull out of both arenas without the chance of destabilization of Afghanistan and Iraq. Plus add again john boehner and company railing about keeping pressure on or off depending on their whim.

Naw, I choose to place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the responsible parties whom are the puppets dancing here.

We have seen who the puppeteers are and have ignored their string pulling of elected officials. The MIC, the Koch brothers, John Birch Society and than you have those ignorant racist bigots of the heritage club.

Now imagine that people claiming a name like the heritage club who refuse to acknowledge the truth regarding the deaths of men, women and children of the Indigenous American population.

This because of the greed for land wealth and power. Death marches/massacres/concentration camps all but wiped from the annuals of history.

The same can be said of the plight of the African slaves and their ancestors. We, including myself have yet to achieve the same rights/freedoms/equality that many have served, fought and died to preserve.

To all this I place on the shoulders of the conservative so-called christian muriKKKan sheeple and the GOP which represents their interest

If there is any nation that is better off with US intervention, please let me know because I have failed to find one. Central/South America? Destabilized, violent, oppressive, a disaster.

Africa? We;re doing our best to destroy each nation.

Iran WAS a democracy until the US protected the British Monarchy's Cash Cow BP.

Asia? Khmer Rouge? And War Criminal Kissinger?
Libya? Syria? Somalia?

Anyone notice how the Chinese built the Kenyon rail?

Where has the US uplifted the population and improved lives?

East Timor? Killing unarmed civilians - using Russian weapons supplied by the US for OIL?

He supposedly had lawyers reviewing this before he made his "decision", so how did they miss this???

The New York Times swooped in to save the day and take all of the wind out of Donald’s sails.  According to their report, the decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement will be up to the president in 2021, and there’s no way Donald is making it to a second term — most of us hope he’s out before the end of his first term.
When Donald announced his decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, he told Americans that it’s a “bad deal.”  This was his way of spinning the story to favor his decision.  In reality, he wanted to make his oil giants friends and the rest of the GOP happy.  He doesn’t care about Americans.
Read an excerpt from The New York Times below:
“But he [Trump] will stick to the withdrawal process laid out in the Paris agreement, which President Barack Obama joined and most of the world has already ratified. That could take nearly four years to complete, meaning a final decision would be up to the American voters in the next presidential election.”
Trump’s decision was nothing more than a show.  He made the decision out of spite.
What is your reaction?

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