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Sunday, June 4, 2017

US solar power employs more people than oil, coal and gas combined , Drumpf's lack of Ethics


Trump granted exemptions to his senior staff from his own ethics rules, letting them work with political and advocacy groups, The Daily Beast reports.
White House counselor Kellyanne Conway is allowed to work with, “political, advocacy, trade, or non-profit organizations” that were clients of her consulting firm.
Chief White House strategist Steve Bannon has no restrictions on his contact with Breitbart News, despite chairing the website, its blooming White House access and its pro-Trump coverage.

Bannon and Conway can work with advocacy groups and outlets like Breitbart that are funded by the wealthy Mercer family, which helped get Trump in the White House.
Energy policy adviser and former energy lobbyist Michael Catanzaro, “may participate in broad policy matters and particular matters of general applicability relating to the Clean Power Plan.”
Shahira Knight, a White House economist and former lobbyist for Fidelity can, “participate in broad policy matters and particular matters of general applicability relating to tax, retirement and financial services issues.”
The list the White House released only covered officials in the Executive Office of the President and the Office of the Vice President.

James O'Connor In his speech to the stupid, he cited job loss from coal and shale oil but never counted the jobs gained in solar and wind.

Linda Starr-Spires Currently, the solar industry employs over TWICE as many as the coal industry!

He is just too stupid to see reality.

Solar energy in the US employs more people than traditional coal, 
gas and oil combined, a report has found, in a revelation that could 
undermine Donald Trump’s…

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