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Thursday, June 15, 2017

What Obama Did After GOP Congressman Was Shot Puts Republicans To Shame

What Obama Did After GOP Congressman Was Shot Puts Republicans To Shame

President Barack Obama has traditionally displayed more class in one of his farts than any Republican can on his or her best day — and the aftermath of the shooting of GOP Congressman Steve Scalise, who has built a career opposing any and all gun regulations, was no different.
While Republicans generally ignore anything bad that happens to people they don’t like, Obama reached out to Senator Jeff Flake, who was gathered on the field with his fellow
traitors Republicans when a crazed Jill Stein voter opened fire.
Flake says the President offered his  “best wishes and prayers” for all the victims including Scalise, who has spent years viciously attacking Obama.
“This is particularly raw for those of us in Arizona,” says Flake, who flew home to Arizona with Obama in 2011 after a gunman shot Democratic Rep. Gabbi Giffords. The attack occurred after Sarah Palin promoted an image of a bullseye over Giffords’ name.
Flake says that Obama, unlike his own colleagues, did not discuss policy or any agenda.
President Obama once again showed us what a wonderful man he is. It’s a pity that his replacement isn’t even half the man he is.

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