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Friday, May 12, 2017

Congressman Jim McGovern [D-MA]: The truth is out there, Middleboro

 Donald Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey – and it’s not hard to understand why.
Comey was leading the charge to investigate the Trump administration’s conflicts of interest and possible ties to Russian officials. His dismissal begs the question:What is it that Trump is so desperately trying to hide? The American people deserve to know.
That’s why I’m calling for a fully independent investigation into allegations of collusion and corruption in the White House.
With the investigation put to a halt, we must do whatever we can to get to the bottom of this. The truth is out there and it’s up to us to stop the Trump White House from keeping us in the dark. It’s only a matter of time until Trump’s machinations come to light; and at that point, there will be no room for alternative facts.
In firing Comey, Trump succeeded in temporarily delaying the inevitable – nothing more. With your support, I’ll keep up the fight in Congress to defend our democratic institutions and give the American people the answers they deserve.
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