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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

CounterCurrents: From The Ashes of Standing Rock, A Beautiful Resistance Is Born

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Why A Just And Sustainable Economy Looks Like A Doughnut
by David Korten 

I see a lot of books presuming to explain what’s wrong with the economy and what to do about it. Rarely do I come across one with the consistent new paradigm frame, historical depth, practical sensibility, systemic analysis, and readability of Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth. Especially unique and valuable is her carefully reasoned, illustrated, and documented debunking of the fatally flawed theory behind economic policies that drive financial instability, environmental collapse, poverty, and extreme inequality.

From The Ashes of Standing Rock, A Beautiful Resistance Is Born
by Skyler Simmon

As we lick our wounds, mourn the loss, and continue to support those facing charges, we can find inspiration in the incredible spirit of resistance unleashed by the uprising. While a global divestment campaign has been hitting banks with occupations and blockades, and withdrawing billions of dollars from these fossil fuel funders; a wave of direct action encampments have blossomed in the paths of destructive infrastructure projects across Turtle Island.

Chopping James Comey
by Dr Binoy Kampmark  

This tarnishing episode has covered few in glory. The White House is hunkering down behind a wall of authoritarian protection, keen to immunise itself from disconcerting inquiries that might question its wisdom and probity. The Democrats, having also had their issues with the FBI, are now seeking a separate, independent office to target Trump. The politics of the Republic is moving into another ugly phase.

The Relationship Between Forgetting Ourselves And War
by Richard Oxman 

Perhaps we need to forget ourselves for a number of reasons now. Maybe we need to sing outside of the educational box.

Three Found Poems
by Walt Gelles 

Three eruptions of unintentional poetry plucked from prose works, on topics ranging from homelessness in India to neocolonialism to death.

The Conquest of Chattisgarh: Unearthing Sangh Ascendancy In The State
by Ajaya Kumar Singh 

Chattisgarh Christians have withstood the vicious attacks even before Independence of the country. Their story is not  just a story of marginalisation of faith and religion; but also for their right to exist as Adivasis; fighting for Izzat led by the honourable tribal leader, Jaipal Singh Munda, on the ground as well as in the Constituent Assembly.

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