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Thursday, May 18, 2017

CounterCurrents: Make The Anthill Great Again! The Ant Colony And The Human Ones

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Make The Anthill Great Again! The Ant Colony And The Human Ones
by Ugo Bardi 

This post was inspired by a post by Antonio Turiel titled “Of Ants and Men” where he used the example of an ant to discuss the difficulties that humans have to perceive the real problems facing humankind today. Here, I examine again, a little more in depth, the same issue.

Fantasies of Worth: Macron’s French Mission
by Dr Binoy Kampmark 

The outcome of the French presidential elections did not suggest a France on the verge of rapid, vigorous renewal. It suggested the opposite, a state in atrophy, the Fifth Republic in terminal decline before unleashed historical forces.

Protesters Take Net Neutrality Issue To FCC Chair’s Home
by Kevin Zeese 

Ajit Pai, the Chair of the FCC, is on a mission to destroy the Internet by reclassifying it so that it is no longer a common carrier where we all have equal access and repeal net neutrality rules so Comcast, Verizon and A&T can discriminate based on content.

Standoff In Venezuela
by Federico Fuentes 

Venezuela has been rocked in recent weeks by almost daily protests and counter-protests, as right-wing opponents of socialist President Nicolas Maduro seek to bring down his government. Green Left Weekly’s Federico Fuentes interviewed Steve Ellner, a well-known analyst of Venezuelan and Latin American politics and a retired professor at Venezuela’s Universidad de Oriente, to get his views on recent events.

Tracing Potential US View of ISIS As Strategic Asset
by Robert J Barsocchini 

Gelhorn prize winner Gareth Porter notes this week that in 2008, after the US had destroyed Iraq, killing hundreds of thousands of people and sending millions fleeing, George W. Bush wanted to establish indefinite military occupation of the country.  But the then Iraqi government lead by prime minister Nouri al Maliki “rebuffed that demand” and forced the largely defeated US “to agree to withdraw all combat forces in a strict timetable.”

Israel Tutors Its Children in Fear And Loathing
by Jonathan Cook 

A display of Israeli-style community policing before an audience of hundreds of young schoolchildren was captured on video last week. Were the 10-year-olds offered road safety tips, advice on what to do if they got lost, or how to report someone suspicion hanging around the school? No. In Israel, they do things differently. The video shows four officers staging a mock anti-terror operation in a park close to Tel Aviv. The team roar in on motorbikes, firing their rifles at the “terrorist”.

The US Embassy Will Stay in Tel Aviv
by Dr Ludwig Watzal 

The US embassy will not be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem before a peace deal between Israel and Palestine is reached. Having talked to the Arab leaders, US President Donald Trump and his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have finally understood the importance of such a move. It would be an offense not only for the Arab world but also for international relations, international law, and the US in particular. Saying something on the campaign trail is one thing, acting as US President means something else.

“Me And My Shadow-Drone”
by Gary Corseri 

The computer whined
a kind of laugh….
“You’re on a biometric leash!
We know your thoughts before you strew them
haphazardly about.”

The Method And The Manner of Punishing Justice Karnan Raises Questions of Law of Great Public Importance
by Dr Buddhi Kota Subbarao 

The method and the manner in which a sitting judge of Calcutta High Court Sri Justice C.S.Karnan has been convicted for contempt of Supreme Court and sentencedon May 9, 2017, to imprisonment for six months by a Seven Judges Bench of Supreme Court which includes Chief Justice of India JS Khehar and Hon’ble Sri. Justices Dipak Misra, J Chelameshwar, Ranjan Gogoi, Madan B Lokur, Pinaki Chandra Ghose, and Kurian Joseph, raises questions of great public importance. Examination of these questions is necessary to preserve and promote the trust, faith, and confidence of the common people in the judiciary.

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