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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Hidden camera caught illegal dumping Middleboro

Hidden camera caught illegal dumping Middleboro

Posted May 18, 2017

MIDDLEBORO — Tires. A table with a broken leg. Grocery bags filled with trash. And bottles.
Those are some of the items that were discarded on a town street, and caught on surveillance video, which led to four people being charged with illegal dumping.
Police announced Wednesday afternoon that four people were issued court summons’ following a month-long “comprehensive investigation” with the state Department of Environmental Protection.
The Middleboro Police Department targeted an area of Walnut Street between early March and late April, which was known to be a site of illegal dumping for trash and household debris.
As part of the Candid Camera program through the state environmental protection agency, police set up hidden surveillance cameras in the Walnut Street area.
On at least four separate occasions, people were caught illegally dumping debris on the street, police said in a written statement.
Four people, 51-year-old Kent C. Ingraham of Middleboro, 21-year-old Shane Pettey of Lakeville, 50-year-old Francis Shannon of Berkley and 56-year-old Timothy Murphy of Middleboro, were all issued summons’ to appear in court on a charge of illegal dumping.
Middleboro police Detective Tim Needham led the investigation, but worked with state officials from the Environmental Strike Force and Southeast Regional Office in Lakeville.
The four suspects will be arraigned in Wareham District Court at a later date.

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