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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Intel community chatter: Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell caught red handed in Trump-Russia scandal

There are no definitive answers beyond COVER UP! 

Intel community chatter: Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell caught red handed in Trump-Russia scandal

Over the weekend, credible leaks from the U.S. intelligence community have sprung afoot, ranging from Donald Trump and three advisers being caught on tape admitting to treason with Russia (link) to Rudy Giuliani trying to cut a deal against Trump (link). Now comes chatter that GOP leaders Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell may have been nailed as well.

The claims about the GOP House and Senate leaders are coming from two different political pundits whose sources have a history of being proven correct. One is former Bill Clinton White House staffer Claude Taylor, who stated today that he’s “Starting to hear chatter that there are intercepts w/ Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell discussing funneling illegal Russian money into campaign” (link). He went on to stress that “This really is ‘chatter’ as opposed to sourced,” making clear that this is not confirmed on his end.

But then another pundit whose sources have also proven reliable, ImpeachAgentOrangsky, added that “According to anonymous intel sources Ryan & McConnell are on tape talking about laundering Russian money thru Super Pacs” (link). So take this one for what you think it’s worth. But two things are important to keep in mind here. The first is that these kinds of leaks from proven sources have tended to later be proven correct. For instance the prior leaks about Trump-Russia figures ranging from Michael Flynn to Paul Manafort to Carter Page have generally been verified further down the line. So these kinds of credible Trump-Russia leaks are worth reporting and considering.

The second thing to keep in mind is that as a practical matter, with the Russian Ambassador and a Russia GRU agent already confirmed to have attended the Republican National Convention and met with several top Trump staffers in the name of changing the Republican Party platform, it’s difficult to imagine GOP leaders in attendance like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell not having been aware of what was going on at the time. And we know that Carter Page was under FISA surveillance at the time of the convention, meaning anyone involved may have been picked up on that surveillance. Contribute to Palmer Report

Time will tell for certain but the view from this present position favors her sources being reliable — of being right about the kompromat — and there’s a high probability she’s right about the money laundering too.
As Dr Dena Grayson notes, the laundering of Russian money does make a great deal of sense. Why? Because just a few days ago there was a lot of chatter about an audio tape the FBI took into evidence. This pre-election tape purports to be a recording of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell discussing how best to wash Russian money through House and senate campaigns via dark money superPACs. Paul Ryan’s name has already been linked with the Russian hacking of voter data from swing states so money laundering on behalf of the Russians is not a big leap from there and would be entirely in character for both men. Certainly both were desperate to hold onto the power they knew was slipping through their fingers so both would have grabbed at any opportunity for big money assistance without caring much where it came from.
Mensch, a steadfast conservative, is confronting very uncomfortable revelations right now yet, in complete accord with the principles of the Resistance, she is nevertheless persisting and not excusing nor apologizing for corruption in the republican party. For example this tweet:

Daily Kos: Why Is Chaffetz Resigning? It Will All Come Out in the Laundering

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr is 
a giant roadblock in the…


Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr is a giant roadblock in the investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, as he is refusing to sign off on some documents and making everyone question what he may be hiding. Why won’t he just do his job?
Well, we may now know why as it’s being reported that he has investments in an oil drilling company linked to a Russian oil company, which doesn’t look good for him considering the fact that he refuses, as Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman, to sign off on documents that would allow the Russian probe to continue.
Scott Dworkin of the Democratic Coalition Against Trump posted documents showing the relationship between National Oilwell Varro Inc. and Russia’s Rosneft. His investment appears to be over $20,000, which is just a small part of his 2 million dollar net-worth, but it doesn’t stop there.
Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 2.09.10 PM
Scott Dworkin reports that Burr has some other ties linking him to Kremlin.

Burr was the beneficiary of $8.1 million from Mitch McConnell Super PAC, which took millions from a pro-Putin Ukrainian. Depending on how that money was divided up, it could be well above that $20,000.
The red flags on this guy should already be waving all over the place. Given his unwillingness to aide in the investigation, maybe someone needs to start looking further into where his money is going and coming from.

These men cannot be trusted. Clearly Russian ties, and money, run deep in this circle.


As accusations about Chaffetz's role in Trump-Russia mount, he's 
ducking and running


STEPS DOWN - Another "Casualty"... perfectly healthy young man... came down with a case of #Russian flu - Citing health issues, Jason #Chaffetz takes immediate leave from #Congress – but his scandals loom - Twelve days after inside sources first asserted that Jason Chaffetz was being blackmailed by Russia and the #FBI was onto him, and five days after Chaffetz announced that he won’t run for reelection and may not even finish out his current term, Chaffetz is now taking immediate leave from Congress and citing health issues as the reason. He insists he’ll be back, but considering the manner in which this is playing out, that’s far from certain. (he's not coming back - he knows it, and so do we. Expect he will be the next US Citizen to apply to Russia for citizenship. Seems to be the popular way to hide these days.

The coverup extends deep into the Republican Party, who now 
appears to be actively…


The Russia Scandal Takes A Mind-Blowing Turn That Could Destroy The Republican Party

It wasn't Donald Trump alone who had ties to the Russians during the 2016 campaign. It turns out that the Republican National Committee used a firm with ties to Russian intelligence to dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton.

The Russia Scandal Takes A Mind-Blowing Turn That Could Destroy The Republican Party
This is truly mind-blowing.
Perhaps you’ve been wondering how establishment Republicans were so happy ignoring the looming treason scandal of their President. It very well could be because they, too, have something Russian to hide.
So it wasn’t Donald Trump alone who had ties to the Russians during the 2016 campaign. It turns out that the Republican National Committee used a firm with ties to Russian intelligence to dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton.
The RNC used former CIA officers’ firm the Hamilton Trading Group, which has “particular expertise” in Russia, to dig up dirt on Clinton according to a Politico report.
“RNC officials and the president and co-founder of Hamilton Trading Group, an ex-CIA officer named Ben Wickham, insisted the payments, which eventually totaled $41,500, had nothing to do with Russia,” Kenneth P. Vogel and Eli Stokols reported.
The RNC claimed the payments were for “security.”
“But RNC officials now acknowledge that most of the cash — $34,100 — went towards intelligence-style reports that sought to prove conflicts of interest between Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State and her family’s foundation.”
So the RNC was perfectly comfortable working with a firm that raised eyebrows for its Russian connections, at a time when the intelligence community was telling them that Russia was interfering in the U.S. election.
To say this again, as Putin has bragged about information warfare as the new war, a major U.S. political party sided with a country that declared information warfare, or war if you will, on the U.S.A.
Yes, it is an act of war, it is meant to destroy western democracy in the end.
Russia uses “rigged polls and fake news to sway foreign elections,” the Wall Street Journal reported, on a dossier showing an example of how Russia operated in Bulgaria.
The entire Republican Party had strange ties to a government at war with this country, the country to which Republicans are supposed to be loyal.
Strange things are afloat. No wonder Congressional Republicans are doing everything they can to ignore the screaming treason of the White House. They are quite possibly in on it themselves.
If this scandal comes to a head, that is to say if the intelligence community turns on the Republican Party in an effort to force them to deal with the possible collusion with a hostile foreign power in the White House, the Russia scandal could bring down the Republican Party for a generation.
Republicans should be smart here; this will come out. They should get on the right side of history before it’s too late. Sadly, this party’s elected officials have shown little allegiance to their country.
What is going on here is a scandal that will go down in history. One of two major parties in the U.S. system working with a foreign power that has declared war on the U.S.A. That is not to say they colluded with Russia to bring the U.S. down, but they did work with them as Russia was attacking the election, an act of war. That much is in evidence.
The collusion evidence, the circumstantial collusion evidence, in this case could be as simple as Republicans knew Russians were attacking the U.S. elections when they worked with this firm with ties to Russian intelligence. To be clear, there is not public evidence of direct collusion in terms of quid pro quo right now. There is evidence that the RNC was deceptive about their connections with Russian intelligence in this regard, and that they had it during the campaign.
The fact that the head of the RNC at the time is now in the Trump White House is even more troubling, as Trump has hired people at all points whose contacts with the Russians during the election have already caused one of them to be fired and another to step down from overseeing an investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia.
This should now be amended to the Republican Party’s ties to Russia. Lucky for them, they are in power of both chambers of Congress and trying to get their Supreme Court nominee in as the last gatekeeper in a checks and balances system. The only way this scandal is going to come out is through the intelligence community leaking to the press.
And that’s why Republicans are so outraged about leaks.
But this is not Republicans trying to protect our national security secrets. This is Republicans trying to make sure they cover up the fact that Russia has eyes and ears in the situation room, and has access to our national secrets because of Trump and the GOP.
It was true that going to the extremist corner they did, Republicans could not win a national election without cheating. They knew this, everyone knew this. So it was a shock when Donald Trump, the most extreme of the extreme, won.
But now, it’s not such a shock because it wasn’t won without cheating. It was won with the help of a hostile, aggressive government whose goal is to bring the U.S. down in order to kill the hope of democracy.
This might be why a former NSA analyst warned that if there is ever a real investigation, a whole bunch of Republicans will be indicted for major crimes in RussiaGate.
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