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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

KYAQ Radio: We Are Financial Supporters of RSN

There are many HITS in this venue for articles from rsn

If you are one of those reading, make a contribution! 

Reader Supported News
17 May 17

Here at community radio station KYAQ on the Oregon Coast, we rely on RSN as an important news service.
Each day, RSN editors provide us with great links to stories and commentary valued by our supporters and listeners. These are often posted on our Facebook page, and when we are on the air as well as streaming on the internet, they will provide stimulus for important conversations about current events.
We are financial supporters of RSN not only because you are the only outlet covering the Bradley Manning trial in detail, but also because we too are a grassroots organization. We understand the need to operate without any connection to corporate cash. Everyone who reads this - and reads RSN - should contribute right now!
Alan Searle, KYAQ volunteer (on behalf of the Board)
Lincoln County, Oregon
Sure, I'll make a donation!

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