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Friday, May 12, 2017

Sen. Jeff Merkley [D-OR]: To defeat Trump, let's win in Montana

Question: What goes great with country songs, cowboy hats, and boots?

Rob Quist with supporters in Montana

Answer: Better health care, standing up to powerful special interests, and protecting our public lands, of course.
On May 25, we have a chance to win a Congressional seat in Montana and take back one more vote from Donald Trump. Folk singer Rob Quist is a Democrat running to put families ahead of Wall Street banks and fight for affordable health care.
With just a couple weeks to go, we need all the help we can get to pull off this upset. Chip in $7 now to support Rob Quist in Montana and take back the House! 
First the polls said Rob Quist was 13 points behind. Then it was down to eight. This week, we’re within six points of defeating his opponent, a right-wing Republican who told DC lobbyists he was “thankful” for Trumpcare while telling Montana voters he would not have voted for it.
Early voting has already begun, and a whole lot of Montanans are fired up to support Quist because they know that he will stand up to the special interests and fight for working families.
Let’s show Trump that even in red state Montana, we’re taking back our country. Chip in $7 now to help Democrat Rob Quist win in Montana!
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