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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Intelligence and Republicans is an OXYMORON!

It was reported that Chaffetz outed a CIA agent....that was before he shared classified information publicly.....

Please read Juan Cole's article and PLEASE THINK!

Maybe giving some rational consideration to your NEWS source makes sense if you don't think this matter....

"....The big deal is not that Trump told the Russians the vague outlines of the plot. It had more or less been announced because the US is putting pressure on the airlines not to let customers bring laptops into the cabin. I figured that out immediately on hearing it.

The big deal is that Trump told them from which city the foreign intelligence partner of the US derived the information, i.e. which ISIL cell has been penetrated. The US has not told that to anyone among allies, for fear of compromising an ongoing intelligence operation.

Trump may have just killed the spy who with incredible bravery penetrated ISIL...."

Hey Trumpians.
Refute this:

President Trump appeared to confirm a report that he disclosed highly
classified intelligence with Russian officials via Twitter on Tuesday

President Donald Trump insisted Tuesday he had the right to share 
information with Russia related to terrorism and other issues, his 
first public response to the…


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