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Monday, June 12, 2017

CounterCurrents: Countercurrents In Print!

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Good news from CC. Countercurrents is out in print. It's an anthology of best articles published in April. You can order it here

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US Forces Accused Of Firing White Phosphorus Into Mosul And Raqqa
by James Cogan 

Videos published by the Amaq news agency show artillery exploding over Mosul in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria that analysts believe could be white phosphorus rounds. Amaq, which often publishes information provided by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) sources, claims that the areas which are shown being bombarded are ISIS-held sectors of the cities still populated by large numbers of civilians.

Corbyn Teaches To Embrace Change We Need
by Kevin Zeese 

The shocking election result in the United Kingdom – the Conservatives losing their majority and the creation of a hung Parliament; and Jeremy Corbyn being more successful than any recent Labor candidate – cutting a 20 point Theresa May lead down to a near tie – gives hope to many that the global shift to the right, fueled by the failures of governments to meet the basic needs of their population and growing economic insecurity, may be ending.

Falling Interest Rates Have Postponed “Peak Oil”
by Gail Tverberg 

Falling interest rates have huge power. My background is as an actuary, so I am very much aware of the great power of interest rates. But a lot of people are not aware of this power, including, I suspect, some of the people making today’s decisions to raise interest rates. Similar people want to sell securities now being held by the Federal Reserve and by other central banks. This would further ramp up interest rates. With high interest rates, practically nothing that is bought using credit is affordable. This is frightening.

Al-Nusra’s Name has been Removed From Terror List After Rebranding
by Nauman Sadiq 

According to a recent report [1] by CBC Canada, al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, which was formerly known as al-Nusra Front and then Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (JFS) since July 2016, has been removed from the terror watch-lists of the US and Canada after it merged with fighters from Zenki Brigade and hardline jihadists from Ahrar al-Sham and rebranded itself as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in January this year.

Dubious Results Of The Presidential Elections In Iran
by Akbar E Torbat 

Regardless of the highly questionable turnout reported by the Iranian government, it was a surprised election outcome. Despite Rouhani’s disastrous economic policies, his re-election against Khamenei’s favorite candidate Raisi shows how Iranians are frustrated with the theocratic dictatorship of the Supreme Leader.

You Want Change? Then You Must Work For It!
by Sally Dugman 

Look: I live in probably the most aggressive nation in the world. Our government on the federal level leaves a lot to be desired, but resistance is not futile!

Percy Bysshe Shelley: We Need Your Voice Today!
by John Scales Avery 

Percy Bysshe Shelley, major poet, social reformer, pioneer of non-violent resistance to tyranny, we need your voice today!

Peasantry Will Organise Protest Day Across The Country On 16th June

Expressing its support for the ongoing movement Bhumi Adhikar Andolan leadership has given a call for organising nation-wide protests by its constituent members on June 16th. 

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